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New Directory – Airdrie Exchange

Written on October 23, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
Airdrie Exchange Website

This is a New Directory in Airdrie

We are delighted to see that we are the first Cleaning Service Business to list on the new Airdrie Exchange site. Airdrie Exchange is a Movement and Local Business Directory promoting events and business for the residents of Airdrie Alberta. It is open to any business with a license to operate in Airdrie. Our picture shows the main image currently on their Website and we have a link to their site below.

Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning is proud to be associated with this new movement. Airdrie Residents are for sure, some of our most favorite customers, so it seemed only fitting to get involved. The mission for this movement includes Collaboration and Connection within Airdrie. Please see their “About Us" Page for a full mission statement. The “Connect" tab already lists a number of local events.

Why Airdrie Exchange?

In line with a number of initiatives that Dang Good has got involved with, this is a family focused project. Airdrie is a growing and thriving town and we are proud to become a high profile company in such a wonderful community where we have received so much business already.

Lindsey has started a blog on her site which can be found under the tab “Grow Airdrie." We wish Lindsey and Airdrie Exchange every success.


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