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An Inexpensive Way to Clean your Dishwasher

Written on March 6, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good

Last Updated: November 6, 2019

Dishwasher Cleaning Hack with Lemons

Simple Dishwasher Cleaning Solution

You would think that if Dishwashers clean dishes then surely they would essentially clean themselves. Unfortunately that is often not the case. Unfortunately Grime and Scale build up which can affect the efficiency of your Dishwasher. There is a cheap solution however.

When you have a recipe that calls for lemon juice, don’t throw away that lemon peel. Instead, add it to the dishwasher with those dirty dishes. The citric acid in the fruit naturally cleans the dishwasher, helping to dissolve scum and built up soap residue. It will also help disinfect and will leave a fresh clean scent. You could put the lemon on the top shelve or the cutlery compartment as long as it is away for the heating element.

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