fbpx Wondering How to get that Coffee Grinder Clean?

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Wondering How to get that Coffee Grinder Clean?

Written on March 4, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
How to Naturally Clean a Coffee Grinder

When obviously, you can’t put an Electric Coffee Grinder in the Dishwasher and it’s risky to clean those sharp blades by hand, grind up some uncooked rice. It will help with lingering smells.

Then clean it by grinding 15ml of Baking Soda. Follow that with a good but careful wipe. You should end up with a Coffee Grinder looking as good as the day you bought it.

Some other uses for your Grinder besides Coffee

  • Breadcrumbs – Make breadcrumbs by adding some slices of bread
  • Powered Sugar – Grind up Granulated Sugar to make Icing Sugar
  • Flaxseed – Buy and Store Flaxseed whole and then grind them as needed
  • Homemade Flour – Grind Almonds for Almond Flour or use other nuts for a variety of healthy flour options
  • Herbs – Dry out those herbs from the garden and then grind them for use in various recipes
  • Paper Confetti – Add some small sheets of colored paper and be ready for the next wedding invite.

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