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Beer Cleaning Tips on National Beer Day

Last Updated: April 16, 2024

Written by Karen Norman

Beer Cleaning Tips on National Beer Day.

Sip, savor, shine, and clean – with beer, your home’s a sparkling dream!

National Beer Day Celebrations around the World. 

National Beer Day is celebrated on different days in different countries. In the U.S., it falls yearly on April 7th to acknowledge the day in 1933 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act. The Act signified the start of a movement towards the end of Prohibition and legal manufacturing and selling of beer.

In addition, Canada’s celebration of Beer Day falls on October 5. The day celebrates the people who brew, sell, serve and drink Canadian Beer. And you’ll find more celebrations of beer all around the world on a variety of days.

Beer Day Britain is each year on June 15th. National Drink Beer Day is September 28th and International Beer Day occurs annually on the 1st Friday in August. 

It is a day to celebrate a glass of beer or two with friends; to give out gifts of beer and to acknowledge the international brewing of beer around the world  

There are many types of beer on the market today: Bitter, Brown Ale, Lager, Pale Ale, Pilsner, Stout, Wheat Beer and even a wide range of great tasting non-alcoholic beers.

How to Celebrate Canadian Beer Day 

Canadian Beer Day has its own designated website. They suggest sharing social media posts picturing your favourite Canadian Brew using the hashtags #CDNBeerDay and #CheersAgain.

Alternatively plan a visit to your local Canadian Brewery.

Or if you prefer to be at home with friends and family order in some cans of your favourite Beer.

Celebrate National Beer Day

Did you know? Beer Facts. 

  • Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass.
  • Japanese Sake, often thought of as wine, is a form of beer.
  • Beer is made up of 90% water.
  • You can chill a bottle or can of beer in two minutes in a bowl of ice and salt.
  • Beer can be used as a cleaning product – below are a few cleaning hacks.
  • You can find out more on the History of Calgary Beer at “It happened in Calgary: How beer was born in Calgary."
  • Check out these Beer Facts by Facts.net.

Top Beer Cleaning Hacks

Here at Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning, we have another reason to celebrate beer. You can use it as a cleaner!

Clean Cast Iron Pots and Pans with Beer. 

Cover the bottom of the pot or pan while it is still warm. Wait 5-10 minutes. This prevents any leftover food particles from sticking.

Polish Brass and Copper Pots. 

Clean the tarnish and fingerprints on copper pots with beer and a clean cloth. Rub the beer on the copper surface. The acid in the beer will remove the tarnish and dirt.

Clean Gold Jewelry with Beer. 

Pour either light or medium beer (not dark) over the gold jewelry, rinse, then shine with a clean cloth. The carbonic acid in beer will react with the oil and dirt on your jewelry to dissolve it. Or better still, place your jewelry in a bowl of beer and soak it for 10 minutes or so. Then rinse and wipe.

Use Flat Beer to Polish Wooden Furniture. 

Use a soft cloth soaked in flat beer to wipe the surface, then polish with a clean, dry cloth. The beer will loosen dirt; the malt adds a rich colour to the wooden hue, and the alcohol brings out the shine. Test a small hidden area first just to be safe.

Use Beer to remove Rust Spots or to help Loosen Rusty Bolts. 

Cover the rust spots in a beer-saturated cloth for about an hour. The carbonic acid will help dissolve the rust.

Using Beer to lift Carpet Stains. 

Usually, we get asked how to remove beers stains from carpets but Real Homes has a hack for using beer to remove a carpet stain. If you do need some advice on removing carpet stains check out our blog: Carpet cleaning Hacks for your Spring Clean. 

Why Clean with Beer? 

You may be wondering why you should use beer as a cleaner. There are several great reasons. When used in the ways listed above, beer can be a great alternative to chemical cleaners. It is, after all, a “natural” product.

Additionally, in this day and age of the craft beer explosion, beer lovers are buying up a variety of new brews, and different beers hit the market every month. Beer drinkers are not going to love every beer they try – but they don’t want to waste it either! Using beer as a cleaner means nothing goes to waste.

What Else Can You Do with Beer?

Besides drinking beer, have you tried cooking with it? Beer battered fish and chips or beer battered fried chicken are always delicious – but you can do so much more with it too!

Try adding beer to a pot of chili, to hearty soups, and to made-from-scratch BBQ sauces (cook the sauce to remove the alcohol if children are eating it). If you are a faithful follower of Food Network, you’ll hear countless chefs and judges talk about “depth of flavour.”

Beer adds that “depth” chefs seek. It adds a complexity that is pleasing to the palate and acts as a supporting player to the other flavours in the dish. Give it a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

For the gardeners out there, spraying a beer onto brown lawn spots can liven them back up. Beer has sugar and acts as “food” for the grass.

Also for our gardeners, if you are in a spot where stray or penned animals cannot reach it, set out a shallow container of beer for the slugs. No, you are not throwing the slugs a keg party. Slugs are attracted to the scent and sugar. They go in for a sip… and they can’t get back out. Maybe that is a little mean but if you gotta go out as a bug, is going out drunk in a tub of beer really the worst way? “Beats salt or a shoe squish,” (source unknown, some slug, probably).

A Recent Study suggests Beer can be a remedy for an Upset Stomach.

How to Clean Up Beer? 

There is plenty to love about beer as a drink, cleaner, in the kitchen and in the garden. But it’s hard to love it when it is tipped over on our clean carpets. When that happens, call us. We tackle hard stains, including spilled beer.

After National Beer Day. 

Once you have celebrated National Beer Day and said ‘cheers’ to a local Canadian brew, if you need to get stains out of your Carpets, why not call us at 403-984-3680. Our Deal Prices are so reasonable; why run the risk of cleaning the Carpets yourself when you can get the whole house done for so little cost. So raise a beer glass to a clean and sparkling home. Click Dang Good Website to learn more.

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