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We offer the most highly rated Carpet Cleaning Service in Calgary and surrounding areas.  Our Quality Carpet Cleaning will help revitalize your Carpets, Area Rugs and Upholstery making them clean, fresh and healthy.

BBB A+ Accredited Business  A Home Stars Verified Business  iicrc_logo

Steam Cleaning at its Best

Residential and Commercial

Try Dang Good Carpet Cleaning before deciding to replace that dirty carpet.

Superior Steam Cleaning using hot water extraction may be all you need to restore your carpet so they look as good as new. Choosing the right professional carpet cleaner may give you a few more years in that well-used floor covering. So why not give us a try? You may ultimately save yourself a lot of money!

Video Showcase of our Professional Carpet Cleaning

Below is a demonstration of how we clean a variety of carpets.

Play video

We offer a fair price for high level cleaning.

Some companies charge more and others less than us. You may have heard the phrase: “You get what you pay for.” Unfortunately, that can be true which is why the lowest price is not always wise.

Sadly the most expensive can be ill-advised too. With some carpet cleaners, their price does not match the cleaning they provide, but unfortunately you may only realize your mistake once the service is complete.

We do not want you to be disappointed or have wasted your hard-earned income. Dang Good balances affordable prices with a superior cleaning of your carpets and we stand by our work.

Carpet Cleaning Services Calgary

Dang Good provides the following Services:

Stain Treatments

We have specialized products that will help treat several different carpet stains caused by:

  • Urine
  • Pet Issues
  • Vomit
  • Red Wine
  • Bodily Fluids
  • Coffee & Tea
  • And more…

Odour Removal

We have treatments that help to eliminate strong odours. We use products such as Microban, Benefect and Vital Oxide. Please note that some products are not Odour Free although they are safe, and the scent is not long-lasting.

If you need Odour Free Products – Please request that when booking.

Carpet Sanitization

Why not include sanitization with your service? We have disinfectants for those hidden pathogens. This add-on is popular in households recently recovered from illness and with customers moving homes.

Carpet Protection

If your carpet still looks relatively new, you may wish to consider a carpet protector after cleaning it. It is a preventative layer protecting liquids from absorbing deep into the carpet. It helps keep spills at a surface level so you can quickly mop them up. After your steam cleaning, we will apply a specialized topical spray to the carpets for an extra charge.
We use 3M Scotchgard Carpet and Fabric Protector.

Area Rug Cleaning

See our Area Rug Cleaning Section below for more information on our Area Rug Cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

If you scroll to the bottom of this page, we have an offer for a free professional mattress cleaning. You will need the code mentioned to qualify. Conditions apply.

Alternatively, see our Upholstery Cleaning Page for more information about the types of Upholstery we clean, the costs involved and the methods we use.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Below are three Residential Carpet Cleaning Deals. More discounts can also be found on our Deals Page. In addition, there is a comprehensive Price List on our contact page where you can also find details of our commercial pricing. 

For information on our products, processes & equipment, scroll further down. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions.

Call 403-984-3680

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Two Rooms Cleaned for a Special Price

Now our Two Room Special is $129.99 +GST

Plus a $25 Waste Disposal Fee (WDF).
Was $229.99 Plus WDF and GST.

This Deal is for a Basic Carpet Cleaning of up to 2 Rooms and One Hallway. Maximum Area 250 Sq. Ft.

A Basic Clean does not include Treatments for Soiling, Stains Pet issues Urine or other odours which will incur Extra Charges.

This Deal DOES NOT APPLY if Portable Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning is required.

Cut out your Professional Steam Cleaning coupon


Carpet Stain Removal Service

Carpet Cleaning with Stain Treatment is $229.98 +GST

Plus a $25 Waste Disposal Fee (WDF).
Was $329.99 Plus WDF and GST.

This Deal is for a Basic Clean of Up to 2 Rooms, One Set of Stairs and a Hall with Specialized Pre-Treatment for Stains.

Soiling, Stains, Pet issues and Urine Removal cannot be guaranteed because some stains may be permanent. But we promise to do our very best.

For Truckmount Carpet Cleaning only.

Cut out your Professional Steam Cleaning coupon


Carpet Cleaning Moving Deal

Our Move-In Carpet Special is $229.98 +GST

Plus $25 Waste Disposal fee (WDF)
Was $329.99 Plus WDF and GST.

This Deal is for up to 2 Rooms (Max 250 Sq. Ft.), One Hallway, One Set of Stairs (Max 13 Steps) Plus Carpet Sanitizing.

Get your Carpets Sanitized and your Home Move-in Ready.

Heavily Soiling, Stains or Severe Pet and Urine Issues incur extra charges and are NOT included in this Deal. For Truckmount Carpet Cleaning only.

Carpet Cleaning Spills in the Nursery

Children and Pets should not spell the end of Clean Carpets!

Friends and family, younger and older, like to play games or sit on the floor by the fireplace, especially during the cooler months. Pets will join in too. Inevitably muck builds up in those carpet fibres.

Even when you take extra care, hidden germs and other contaminants accumulate. Vacuuming alone will not keep your carpet healthy or free of toxins and allergens.

Mother holding baby at the front door

Furthermore, unexpected pandemics and Alberta weather can mean days trapped indoors throughout the year. As a result, your home and carpet get grubbier than you would like, no matter how careful your family may be. Mishaps occur; a drop here, a spill there. It all adds up.

Would it not be nice to get a deep cleaning of those carpets? To know they are once again healthy for little ones to sit on?

Perhaps you are an expectant parent wanting to have your home as clean and healthy as possible for that new addition on its way. Have you thought of putting carpet cleaning on your list of preparations?

Loved Ones can take a toll on your Carpets.

Maybe your new addition is a puppy or kitten? As cute as they are, pee or poop or sick may be inevitable!

Innocent looking Kitten on the Staircase

While stains may be unavoidable, odour, bacteria, and other impurities will also need treating. See below for more information about our carpet treatments.

Young children love to spread out on the floor with their toys. But, as babies crawl and learn to walk, carpet is the perfect space to soften the bumps and knocks. It is gentle on their small, fragile bodies.

But is your carpet as clean and healthy as you think for your precious tot? Especially if you have pets?

What is lingering in those fibres? What pet dander is being shed and urine going unseen?

Unfortunately, once offspring and furry companions enter the mix in your household, keeping your home clean becomes more challenging, and carpets are no exception.

Is it time to schedule that cleaning ?

Dog Playing with a Ball On Carpet while we were Carpet Cleaning

Reputation and Reviews – A Company you can Trust

♥ We have a 5.0 Rating on Google with over 2060 reviews. See below.
♥ We are  Google Guaranteed which means we have passed Google’s stringent verification process.
♥ Winner of the Calgary Top Choice Award 2022 and 2023.
♥ Recognized top on Three-Best-Rated.
♥ An IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) Certified Firm.
♥ HomeStars Verified, plus a Best of Award Winner and a Best of the Best Award Winner.
Calgary Platinum CommuntyVotes Award Winner.
BBB (Better Business Bureau) Accreditation with an A+ Rating.
♥ We are named the Best of Calgary for Carpet Cleaning.

Top Choice Award Winning Carpet Cleaning

We are Dependable, Caring, Professionals

When you ask for: “The Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Calgary" or the Best Company near you, we strive to be at the forefront of your list.

We are one of the most recommended carpet cleaning companies locally in and around Calgary. So whether you are looking for regular steam cleaning or a more comprehensive cleaning that targets stains and odours, look no further than Dang Good. We aim to be your first choice when choosing a Local Carpet Cleaner.

And our reviews speak for themselves.

google logoDang Good Carpet and Furnace CleaningDang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning
5.0 Google Rating. 2045 Five Star Reviews and more >

“I thought I would have to buy new carpeting within 2 years and figured I would do this in the meantime, but thanks to Kody and Marc’s phenomenal job, I’ve probably got another 10 years out of my carpets, I couldn’t be happier"

Steve Carlson – Google Review

“We had Dang Good in to clean upholstery, area rug and carpets… they were prompt and professional, obviously had a high level of experience. We were very pleased with end results and our dealings with Mark! Will definitely use them again next time!"

Marina McGowen – Google Review

How to choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Company?

Or should we say a Dang Good company?
Below is a list of items to consider.

 Value for Money

Numerous carpet cleaners are out there, and many will have different pricing structures. If you are looking for the cheapest, that is not us, but we are not expensive either.

We do not recommend you make your decision on cost alone. What is most important is that you choose someone adequately skilled to do the job for a price that you can reasonably afford.

Scroll up for details of our costs. Or check out all our Pricing on our Contact Page.

 Quality Cleaning Offered

Not all companies provide the same level of service. Ensure the cleaning company you use has a proven track record and proven evidence of their work.

 Standing and Trust

What sort of rating does the company have? Who can vouch for their reputation? Check further below for more information on Dang Good's Reputation within the industry.

 Products Used

Scroll down for some illustrations of what specialized treatment options can achieve. All our treatments start at $60, and the price will be dependent on the amount of carpet being cleaned and the level of soiling involved. However, you may wish to start with our Stain Treatment Deal for two rooms, a hall and one set of stairs - the maximum is 400 Sq. Ft.

Are the products being used healthy and harmless for your household? Are they environmentally friendly? Yes, our products are eco-friendly and safe.

 Experience and Training

Do the technicians have the expertise and knowledge needed to do a superior job? Mark Norman, Co-Owner of Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning, has decades of experience in cleaning carpets. He has cleaned thousands of carpets and rugs of different types, colours and conditions. He is also certified with the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). Dang Good is also a certified IICRC company. Mark's experience, both using portable and truck-mounted equipment, is vast.

Mark trains our technicians to a high standard of expertise. Even technicians who come to Dang Good with experience undergo weeks of rigorous training and follow-through before being allowed out independently on a carpet cleaning truck. So, you can rest assured that when one of our technicians turns up at your home or business, they know what they are doing and have the experience needed to clean and treat an array of carpet conditions.

 Licensing and Insurance

Make sure whomever you hire has liability insurance and WCB cover. Accidents can happen both to people and property, and things can get expensive if the company you use doesn't have the appropriate requirements in place.

We at Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning are compliant with all the necessary licensing and insurance regulations for the various locations we serve. Once booked, you can obtain a copy of our City License and Liability Insurance if required.

Dang Good also has WCB (Workers Compensation Board) cover for Alberta, and we can provide a clearance letter before the day of the appointment should one be needed.

 Cleaning Processes Used

Not all Carpet Cleaning is the same. There are different cleaning methods. Dang Good uses the Hot Water Extraction Method; more information can be found in our section on the cleaning process below.

 Condition of Equipment

Do you know what kind of equipment is being used? Has it been looked after? Is it Portable or Truck Mounted? Is the most appropriate equipment being used, or is the company 'making do?' Please see our Equipment Section below.

 Truckmount or Portable

There is a place for both Portable and Truckmount Equipment. Carpet cleaners will tend to use truck-mounted equipment for most jobs because it is more powerful. However, Portable Equipment is necessary for specific instances, especially when the home is not at ground level. And there is nothing wrong with portables per see; they just might require more effort to achieve the same results. So as long as the company you are using is results-focused, there should not be an issue. Dang Good Carpet Cleaning uses both types.

 Terms of Service

Does the company have set terms for carrying out a service? What is their guarantee policy? What if you are not happy? Check out their FAQ page for more information. Dang Good does not like unhappy customers and we go out of our way to address any concerns you may have.

What Specialty Treatments can do.

​​High Traffic Areas such as stairs may need a little more TLC, and more often than not, we can restore them to their original condition. However, we will not guarantee stain removal. Instead, what we do say is…

If we can’t get it out, it’s not coming out!

Our specialized products and methods tackle numerous stains and other issues. Yet occasionally, a stain is stubborn. We usually know before starting the job if that is likely to be the case and will discuss the best options with you.

Steam Clean Carpet Stairs

Are you sure that is the actual colour of your carpet?

When you move the furniture around in a room, you might see just how soiled the carpets are. This is because the carpet’s actual colour shows up only on the clean patch where a piece of furniture used to sit.

You could easily mistake this carpet for a navy blue colour. Yet once cleaned with a heavy pre-treatment, it returned to a royal blue colour. Our technician’s correct pre-treatment, high-pressure steam cleaning, and hard work performed the transformation.

Heavy Pre-Treatment Carpet Cleaning - Dang Good Carpet Cleaning

Have you left it a little too long to get those carpets cleaned?

The results can be phenomenal when Carpets have not been cleaned in a very long time. As you can see, this customer was delighted with the outcome.

One Happy Client!

The Carpet Cleaning Process


On arrival at a customer’s home, the carpet cleaning technician will inspect the carpet to be cleaned. The technician will check the condition of the carpet for soiling and odours.

If you have pets, we will blacklight the carpet to identify urine, fresh and old.

Carpets are made of different materials, and the technician will need to assess what products to use, what pressure to apply and how much moisture your carpets can tolerate.

In addition, the technician will go over the booking details with the customer to ensure the price is as expected.

The final part of the pre-inspection is to advise the customer of the next steps.


Ordinarily, at the time of the booking, we ask the customer to vacuum their carpets before our arrival. This helps keep the costs down.

It is essential that any dry soiling gets removed before any pre-treatments are applied. We have specialized vacuum equipment that can be used on challenging carpets, but that extra step would come at a cost.

Moving Furniture

We ask our customers to pick up small items and clear away breakables (where practical) ahead of the service.

We will move smaller items of furniture on the day, but if you want larger items moved, there is a charge.

The reason for that charge is twofold. Firstly, we have to employ an extra technician because it is not wise for one person to move large items.

Secondly, the processes of furniture moving, cleaning and then putting back the furniture takes longer and is more labour-intensive.

Furniture moving details are on our Price List.


The first part of the cleaning process is to pre-spray the carpets with an in-line injection sprayer. Next, we apply products that break down stubborn dirt and grime in the carpet fibres.

Spot Treatment

The carpet cleaning technician will treat significantly noticeable soiled areas with a specialized spot treatment.


The Pre-Spray and Spot Treatment are left for about fifteen minutes to activate the product. Activation helps the carpet cleaning process be more effective.


Sometimes it will be necessary for the technician to agitate the carpet to loosen and dislodge the offending particles in the fibres. There is a charge for this process which is addressed at the time of quoting and booking.

Hot Water Extraction

Next, we carry out a high-pressure steam cleaning. A wand injects high-temperature steam. Simultaneously, powerful suction is applied to agitate the ground-in dirt. Our truck-mounted equipment performs a powerful and deep extraction of the contaminated particles embedded in the carpet. In addition, the suction extracts excess water so that the carpets do not get too wet.

Sometimes Hot Water Extraction is done with truckmount equipment, and a portable system is used at other times.

Residue Issues

The technician will do everything to avoid leaving any residue on the carpet. However, if necessary, a neuralization product will balance the PH.

Drying - Dry Passes

The suction in our equipment extracts excess water to prevent carpets from being too wet. Sometimes, the technician will do extra dry passes with no water injection but just pure suction.

Occasionally we will employ other methods of drying too.

Final Walk-Through

After the cleaning, the technician will do a walk-through with the customer to ensure they are completely satisfied with the service.

You will notice that there is no mention of upselling above. That is because we do not use bait-and-switch tactics. Instead, when we book with the customer, we ask lots of questions. This allows us to be confident that the price quoted will be the price paid.

Professionally Steam Cleaned enough to eat off


Of course, you wouldn’t eat off your carpets, but your children spend time on them and may well eat on them too. Having your carpets professionally cleaned and disinfected will give you peace of mind.

Treat yourself to clean sanitary carpets with our comprehensive suite of carpet cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning Products

Sanitizing Products used in Carpet Cleaning

Pre-Treat and Heavy Pre-Treatment Products

Natural, Safe, and Environmentally-friendly products are used and applied to the carpets before cleaning.

Sanitization Products

We use a combination of Vital Oxide, Benefect and Mediclean. You can find more information about these products on our Sanitization Page.

Truckmount & Portable Equipment

Truckmounted Carpet Cleaning Equipment

We use Modern, Powerful, State-of-the-Art Equipment.

Dang Good has several Carpet Cleaning Trucks, and we are growing our fleet exponentially.

We use a combination of truck-mounted and portable equipment options, depending on the type of cleaning required. The Truckmount Brands we use are:

♦ Prochem Legend by Legend Brands
♦ Cleanco 47 by Esteam Cleaning Systems

These machines allow us to operate at heat up to 240 F/115 C, with water pressure between 300-500 psi. Other Portable Equipment we use is:

♦ Portable Ninja Extractor by Esteam Cleaning Systems – These machines have advanced over the years and offer remarkably high heat and powerful pump options.

♦ Brush Pro Rotating Brush Machine by Hydro-Force – These machines have several uses, including dry soil removal and pile lifting.

Cleaning Area Rugs

Rug Cleaning On-Site

Area Rugs are cleaned on-site in our customer’s homes. This is typically an add-on to our Carpet Cleaning Service. However, we will come out for a minimum charge if you have a collection of rugs for cleaning. Please call for more information.

For most Area Rugs, the cleaning process is the same as for carpets. However, we do not clean Persian, Silk, Antique or Oriental Rugs because they require specialist cleaning. We only clean some Wool Rugs for the same reason. We recommend In-House Rug Cleaners, who use more extensive, complex equipment, so feel free to contact us if you need further details.

Synthetic Area Rugs respond best to Steam Cleaning.

Area rugs should not be cleaned on hardwood or laminate floors. Instead, rugs must be moved and cleaned on carpet or a tile floor. Afterwards, they will need to be placed somewhere to dry. However, we do not recommend leaving them to dry on carpet or hardwood but perhaps hanging them over a railing on the deck or placing them somewhere clean in your garage.

Area Rug Cleaning for Calgary & Airdrie

We also have options for Deodorization, Stain Removal and Fabric Protection of Area Rugs.
Please see our Booking Page for our current Area Rug Cleaning Prices.

Did you know we also do Tile and Grout Cleaning?

Check out our Upholstery Cleaning

Professional Mattress Cleaning

Did you know we offer one FREE Queen Size Mattress Cleaning with a minimum Carpet Cleaning order of $129.99 plus WDF & GST or an Upholstery Cleaning order of $199.99 plus WDF and GST?

All you need to do is ask for it and reference code: Q0MattDG.

Don’t let your mattresses become a haven for stains, dust mites and other unhealthy microorganisms. Instead, why not choose a mattress cleaning add-on to your order? 

Furniture Cleaning

Check out our Upholstery Cleaning page for a great video demonstration of our furniture cleaning process.

Upholstery Cleaning for Calgary & Airdrie

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