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How to choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Company?

Last Updated: March 22, 2024

Written by Karen Norman

Where to start when choosing a Carpet Cleaner?

“For Carpets Cleaned with No Regrets pick the Carpet Cleaner above the Rest."

Assessing the best carpet cleaning company can be quite a mind field when dozens of businesses promote themselves as the greatest. Perhaps you have been disappointed in the past, but how do you decide who is truly as good as they say?

Deciding who genuinely lives up to their promises requires careful consideration. Furthermore, carpet cleaning techniques vary, each designed for specific needs and the cost of these services can differ significantly, too. Local Carpet Cleaners may have the greatest sales pitch, but do they have the evidence to support their statements?

Below, we outline useful tips and factors to consider when choosing the Best Carpet Cleaning Company.

Price, Transparency and Value. 

Prices can range from $150 to $750 or more but the cost will depend on several factors including the square footage being cleaned, the stains being addressed and the treatments being applied.

There are a plethora of professional carpet cleaners available, and many will have different pricing structures – some cheaper and some more expensive. Look for a company that strikes a balance between cost and quality. Then, check to see if they have transparent pricing and whether the price is set at the time of booking. Avoid the ‘bait and switch’ businesses who give one price when you call and book yet another when the work is actually done.

However, we do not recommend you make your decision on cost alone. What is most important is that you choose someone adequately skilled to do the job for a price that you can reasonably afford. Remember the cheapest is not always the best.

You can check out all our Pricing on our Contact Page for a comprehensive list.

Cleaning Techniques Used. 

Not all Carpet Cleaning is the same. There are different carpet cleaning methods. The Hot Water Extraction Method (popularly known as Steam Cleaning) is often considered to be one of the best. However, check out our blog on the various types of cleaning processes available to assess which would be right for you.

Steam Cleaning provides a deep clean but does leave the carpets damp. Whereas other companies promote the VLM (Very Low Moisture) option. However, a lot of carpet manufacturers will mention Hot Water Extraction in their Carpet Care and Warranty Guides.

Dang Good uses the Hot Water Extraction Method. You can learn more about our unique cleaning process on our carpet cleaning page.

Superior Carpet Cleaning Products

Effectiveness of Products Applied. 

Are the products being used healthy and harmless for your household? Are they environmentally friendly? Some products can be detrimental to your carpets, children or pets, and some chemicals can agitate those who suffer from allergies. What information does the business provide on their products and their effectiveness in doing the job?

You can be sure that our products are eco-friendly and safe for the home and the environment. We also ensure the products applied do not leave a residue. Residues can leave carpets feeling crunchier than before the cleaning, and further cleanings will be necessary sooner as new dirt gloms onto those sticky fibres.

Superiority of Equipment Used. 

Do you know what kind of equipment is being used? Has it been looked after? Is it Portable or Truck Mounted? The condition and type of equipment used are crucial. Each equipment type will have a specific function, and we ensure that the most suitable tools are used for every job. Please see the Equipment Section on our carpet cleaning page for specific details of equipment used.

Technologies are changing and improving all the time in the carpet cleaning industry. Dang Good continues to research and explore these new developments and adapt them when we know they will enhance our services.

Well Kept Carpet Cleaning Trucks

Using Truckmount or Portable Units? 

There is a place for both Portable and Truckmount Equipment. Carpet cleaners will tend to use truck-mounted equipment for most jobs because it is more powerful. However, Portable Equipment is necessary in specific instances, especially when the home is not at ground level. There is nothing wrong with portable units per se; they just might require more effort to achieve the same results. So, as long as the company you are using is results-driven, there should not be an issue.

Dang Good Carpet Cleaning uses both types.

Evidence of Licensing and Insurance. 

Make sure whomever you hire is licensed in your city and has liability insurance and WCB cover. Accidents can happen both to people and property, and things can get expensive if the company you use doesn’t have the appropriate requirements in place.

We at Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning are compliant with all the necessary licensing and insurance regulations for the various locations we serve. Once booked, you can obtain a copy of our City License and Liability Insurance if required.
Dang Good also has WCB (Workers Compensation Board) cover for Alberta, and we can provide a clearance letter before the day of the appointment should one be needed.

Reviews and Recommendations. 

One obvious source of reviews is Google. Check out higher and lower star scores. In the past, some ‘rogue’ companies have ‘paid’ for reviews, but Google has clamped down on that significantly. In some instances, Google is removing map profiles altogether where their rules have been breached. In time, this will make Google reviews much more reliable. More important than the rating though is the feedback given. Look for consistencies. What specifically did a customer like about the service they had?

There are other review sites which have stringent vetting procedures. We recommend checking not just Google but also other sites such as:

Another option is to ask for recommendations. You will often see users on Facebook asking community groups for recommendations. And of course, Facebook has its own list of reviews and recommendations with a high rating of 5.0.

We invite you to learn more about Dang Good’s Reputation.

Narrow down the Best Carpet Cleaner

Background Checks. 

Invariably, you will be inviting complete strangers into your home. You’ll need the peace of mind of knowing that the staff have been vetted and are trustworthy. Are the staff trained to be respectful of your space and belongings?

Our staff were required to have background checks as part of the Google Guaranteed process. Nevertheless, periodically, we insist on up-to-date background checks, too.

Appearance and Brand of Business. 

Are technicians presentable and wearing uniforms projecting the business brand or logo? Do they take pride in their appearance? It may signal the level of pride they will take in cleaning your carpets. When technicians enter your home do they wear shoe covers or replace their outdoor shoes with indoor ones?

Are company vehicles used, generally showing their brand logo and other details? Do they appear to be in good repair?

Do you recognize the business brand? How well-known are they in your city? In what ways do they get involved in the community? Check out Dang Good’s Location Pages to find out more about our local services and community involvement per city we serve.

Experience and Expertise. 

Do the technicians have the experience and knowledge needed to do a superior job? Are they trained in the latest technologies? How long has the company itself been in business? If they have been operating for a few years, chances are they have ironed out some of the wrinkles – so to speak.

Mark Norman, Co-Owner of Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning, brings decades of carpet cleaning expertise. He has cleaned thousands of carpets and rugs of different types, colours and conditions. He is also certified with the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). Dang Good is also a certified IICRC company. Mark’s experience, both using portable and truck-mounted equipment, is vast.

Mark trains our technicians to a high standard of expertise. Even technicians who come to Dang Good with experience undergo weeks of rigorous training and follow-through before being allowed out independently on a carpet cleaning truck. So, you can rest assured that when one of our technicians turns up at your home or business, they know what they are doing and have the knowledge and skills needed to clean and treat an array of carpet conditions.

Qualifications and Certifications. 

As mentioned above, one recognized organization is the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), which sets the industry standard for carpet cleaning. The IICRC is a non-profit organization which was established in 1972. We suggest you select an IICRC Certified Firm. However, there are other organizations, too. CRI – The Carpet and Rug Institute is another that comes to mind. Another is The Woolsafe Organisation.

Quality Cleaning Guaranteed. 

Not all companies provide the same level of service or offer a guarantee. Ensure the cleaning service you use has a proven track record and evidence of quality work. Does the carpet cleaner encourage feedback and then act proactively on negative or constructive comments?

Our portfolio of past work speaks to the quality of cleaning we provide. Not every company operates at our level of excellence, so it is essential to choose a carpet cleaner that consistently delivers outstanding results and stands by their work.

Availability of Free Estimates. 

Many carpet cleaners will give you a general idea of pricing that could change significantly when they come to clean your carpets.  So, companies that offer free, accurate estimates are the wisest choice to select.

For some that can mean a visit to your home, however, an experienced business will have trained their staff to ask succinct questions so they can provide a free, reliable, transparent and accurate quote over the phone. Dang Good falls into the latter category but will also visit your home where the cleaning required might be more complex.

Additional Services available. 

If a business is good at carpet cleaning, then it stands to reason that they will provide other quality cleaning services, too. Obviously included in any carpet cleaning service are treatments for stains and odours. Depending on the severity these processes may incur extra costs, but that should be explained and included in your quote when you call.

When customers are looking to book a cleaning service often it is not just carpets that they want cleaned. Ask about additional services available. Many will offer the following:

It is also worth asking about discounts for multi-service bookings.

Booking Process & Communication. 

When you call for an estimate, how comprehensive are the questions being asked? A company focused on customer service will ask a lot of questions to find out the best solution for the service you require. Knowing the type and condition of your carpets is paramount as is knowing what kind of stains need to be addressed ahead of the job. It helps the technician be better prepared and to know the kind of environment they will be working in. For example, will they need to navigate around children and pets to ensure their safety?

The way a company handles their calls will tell you a lot about the kind of company you are dealing with. The best carpet cleaning company will want to provide a positive experience at every stage. They will listen, be patient and be empathetic too.

Availability to do the Job.   

You might carry out a thorough investigation into several suitable local companies but what a shame if they cannot accommodate your request? There are times of the year that are busier than others. For example, springtime is often when spring fever kicks in, and carpet cleaning becomes very popular. On the other hand in the fall people often look to get their furnaces and ducts cleaned. So, obviously, it is wise to book ahead, but this might actually be one of the first things you ask about when you call. The bigger the company the more likelihood of them being able to slot you into a time of your choosing.

Avoidance of Upselling. 

When you are comparing quotes, you need to be careful that the price quoted is the price you will pay. How often have we heard a potential customer go with someone else because they came in slightly less price-wise only to be charged more at the time of service? And to add the proverbial ‘fuel to the fire,’ the quality of carpet cleaning left a lot to be desired, too! We recommend ensuring prices are completely transparent and that the firm you pick can give you assurances that there will be no surprise add-ons at the time of cleaning.

Are the Terms of Service Explicit? 

Does the company have set terms for carrying out a service? What is their guarantee policy? What if you are not happy? Check out their FAQ page for more information. Our terms of service are clear, and our guarantee policy is customer-focused. We strive to address any concerns proactively, ensuring your satisfaction is our top priority. It is essential to us that every customer is a happy one.

Narrow down the Best Option. 

We strongly recommend doing your homework to avoid paying the price for one carpet cleaner only to have to pay the price for a second carpet cleaner to rectify the damage caused by the first (if they can of course).

Make a shortlist of several carpet cleaning companies you think will meet the criteria above. Where possible go for organic search results rather than Ads. Advertising usually appears first in the search results so we recommend scrolling down the page to look beyond the Ads. However some Ads do sneak in further down too, but they are always marked “Sponsored.”

If you live in Calgary and Surrounding areas – why choose Dang Good Carpet Cleaning?
Dang Good can answer all the points above in the affirmative. They have been in business since April 2016, but the expertise by Mark Norman, Co-Owner extends to over forty years. Living up to their name is a given, and you can find out more about Dang Good’s Vision, Mission and Values on their About Page.

Finally, if you live in Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere or Okotoks, please feel free to call us or complete our contact form to arrange what we humbly consider to be the best carpet cleaning service in Calgary

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