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Code of Conduct & Ethics

Introduction to our Code of Conduct and Ethics

The Purpose of this Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct outlines the principles and culture by which we, as owners operate at Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning. While it is somewhat generic, we individually discuss policies that address specific situations with our staff. Subsequently, this code cannot cover every legal or ethical eventuality that might occur but instead provides an outline of our ethical practices.

Our Leadership Sets the Tone. 

We, Karen and Mark Norman, Co-Owners of Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning, are very much involved in the day-to-day running of this company. We believe that how our business is conducted reflects on us personally. We also believe that how we perform personally and in our marriage is a strong example of how we expect our staff to conduct themselves.

Running a business as a married couple is not without its challenges. Yet, the company’s success and the success of our personal relationship reflect that we are both outwardly focused, considerate, empathetic and respectful. We try to live by our core values not just in business but in our personal lives too. 

We operate according to the core values mentioned below and make business decisions based on those values.
We strive to be fair with our staff and customers, aiming for fair wages and prices for quality services rendered. 

We want our team to enjoy working for us because that reflects well on the experience received by our customers and makes for a pleasant working environment. We work hard and address issues head-on as they arise – as they will in any business.

Being Law-Abiding. 

While we feel that being law-abiding citizens goes without saying in our code of conduct and business ethics, it needs to be said that ignorance of the law is also no excuse. And so, we undertake to keep abreast of the latest regulations, bylaws and legislation and adopt the correct practices in all our business dealings as best we can. We intend to comply with all Laws, Business Rules and Regulations.

Our Company Vision. 

To model the name: Dang Good.
To be the number one business in the cleaning industry ahead of any other company by far.
For Dang Good to be the first to come to mind when looking for Carpet Cleaning, Furnace Cleaning and Window Cleaning.
To be a highly valued, profitable business that competitors look to emulate, showing leadership in everything it does.

Our Mission Statement. 

To provide superior cleaning at reasonable rates, giving our customers value for money and results that make them regular, lifetime consumers of all our cleaning services. In addition, our customers are inspired to promote us to family and friends, making us a ‘household name.’

Our Core Values. 

Fairness | Quality | Outward Focus | Discipline | Perseverance
For more detailed information please see our About Page.

Trust and Credibility. 

It is important for both Staff and Customers to trust us, and we lead by example. We decided some years back that we would not upsell onsite to customers as can be typical in this industry.

Instead, we have a comprehensive quoting and booking service to provide customers with a price that will not change once our technicians are on site (unless the customer makes changes). This eliminates a lot of frustration for customers and reduces the stress on our staff. Instead, our team can focus solely on excellent customer service and quality work, which our Google reviews can attest to.

Three other ways we have built trust and credibility is to be:

  1. Accredited with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) with an A+ rating.
  2. Verified and highly rated with HomeStars.
  3. Advertising through Google Guaranteed. In this program, Google guarantees our work because they have done stringent background checks on us to ensure the legitimacy and integrity of our business.


We will continue to be honest and transparent in all our advertising and promotions.

Respectfulness and Dignity. 

Our focus is not just respecting everyone we encounter but offering empathy too. Our staff are encouraged to imagine situations from another’s perspective, whether that be their peer, a customer, a neighbour or a stranger. They are asked to be objective and treat everyone with the utmost dignity.

Communication and Transparency. 

Meeting Staff and Customer expectations are fundamental to the success of the business. And this is where consistent, transparent communication plays a significant role. We believe in proactive communication, providing customers with information at every stage of their service contract and seeking their feedback afterwards. Our reviews can attest to that. 

Our Competition. 

We believe that there is a place for our competition and that competition should be seen as healthy. We admire any cleaning business that seeks to operate ethically. We are dedicated to being respectful to and of our competition. In fact, it is our practice to refer work to other businesses when we are not able to do it ourselves.

Privacy and Confidentiality. 

Please see separately our Privacy Policy.

Health and Safety. 

Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning is dedicated to maintaining a healthy working environment. We have an in-house Health and Safety Policy and regularly conduct meetings with the team and with our Health and Safety Representative.

Conflicts of Interest. 

Staff conflicts of interest are addressed in the employment contract, as is our policy on tipping. We do not ask for tips. As a business, we do not knowingly have any conflicts of interest, and we seek to avoid anything that might be considered one.

While on Duty. 

Staff are to conduct themselves as if they are under constant scrutiny regardless of whether the home or business being serviced is occupied or empty. We ask them to imagine the home or business has hidden cameras and never assume it does not. As such, they must behave in a professional manner at all times.


We seek to hold ourselves accountable through several different avenues:

Finally, we are members of the CFIB – Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

Canadian Federation of Independent Business


As mentioned under accountability above, we are members of each Chamber of Commerce. This helps us stay current on what is happening in each community. We intend to be involved in all the communities we serve and from which we derive business.

We are substantially involved in the community of Airdrie – a small town close to our hearts. Our business started in Panorama Hills in Calgary, not far from Airdrie. We are incredibly grateful to the residents of Airdrie for their business and for getting us off the ground. You can learn more about our involvement under our blog post: Airdrie Events and Festivals.

Our involvement in Calgary has also grown. Since moving to our Commercial Bay in Vista Heights, Northeast Calgary, we have started donating to PALs – Pet Access League Society – a charity in the area involved in Pet Visitation Therapy.

We are incredibly grateful to our customers’ pets, who help keep us in business with their tendency toward mess and mishaps. In our blog post on Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners, we talk about the benefits of pet ownership and the advantages of PAL’s Pet Visitation Therapy for those who do not own a pet.

We have also started to become involved with the AARCS – Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society, having sponsored a Cat Isolation Kennel earlier this year. Still, we hope to do more very soon.

Children and youngsters are other areas we are focused on. When you add pets and kids to the mix in any household, generally, it is not long before cleaning requirements increase, so we look to give back there too. We have chosen to focus on Youth Unlimited in Calgary, a charity close to our shop. It seeks to embrace young people, whatever their current mindset, and provide relationships and support without judgment. 

In the same vein, we started a contribution to Camp Chestermere’s Hope for Today, Hope for Tomorrow campaign. This is a camp for youth in Chestermere. Plus, we sponsored the Chestermere Country Fair last September and hope to do so again this year.

 As well as attending the Okotoks Trade and Lifestyle Show in 2022 and 2023, we will be looking to participate in 2024 and add to our community involvement in the four locations we serve, including Okotoks.

Questions? How to Contact Us. 

This policy was written by
Co-owners Karen and Mark Norman
Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning

If you have any questions about this Code of Conduct, please contact us.
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