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Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners on Pet Day

Last Updated: April 10, 2024

Written by Karen Norman

Cleaning Hacks for Pet Parents on Pet Days. 

Did you factor in the extra cleaning when you decided a pet was a good idea? 

What is a Pet Day? 

National Pet Day is set aside to celebrate your Pets, and there are many different Pet Days on the Calendar. In this blog, we mention a couple. 

National Love Your Pet Day is held annually on February 20th each year. The origins are unknown, but we suspect it has been celebrated for centuries. 

National Pet Day is celebrated yearly on April 11th in honour of our furry friends. Colleen Page established it in 2006. She is also the founder of several other unofficial holidays pertaining to pets, cats, and dogs, including National Puppy Day. It is a day to show some extra TLC to our beloved animals. Undeniably, they continue to bring us a lot of joy and unconditional love.

Furthermore, Colleen Paige created National Pet Day to draw attention to the number of animals in shelters waiting for adoption. According to Ipsos – Pet ownership is the “Cat’s meow" in Canada; 35% of Canadians have a Cat, and 32% have a Dog. 57% of Canadians own a pet of one kind or another. Subsequently, there are still plenty of Canadians who might consider adopting a homeless animal.

We all love our furry (or scaly or crawly) companions, but what is harder to love is the dirt and stains they can leave
behind. As one of the best cleaning services in the Calgary region, we have tips on dealing with all the messes your pets create. But first, let’s look at ways to celebrate a pet day.

Ways to Celebrate A Pet Day. 

  • Adopt a homeless animal.
  • Donate or volunteer at an animal shelter.
  • Organize the pet’s toys.
  • Organize all the grooming paraphernalia.
  • Make your home pet-friendly.
  • Donate unused supplies or volunteer at an animal shelter.
  • Build a catio or dog run.
  • Or look at this video: how to celebrate your furry friend for Pet Day.
  • Spend extra quality time with your pet.
  • Give your pet a treat.

The Benefits of Owning A Pet. 

There are significant Health and Mood-Boosting Benefits of Pets. Pets reduce stress. They are great companions and can help with loneliness. Unfortunately, it is not always practical to have a pet, no matter how much we want one. However, there is a solution in Calgary. It is called PALS – Pet Access League Society.

PALS is a registered non-profit charity focused on enriching the quality of life through Pet Visitation Therapy. The Pet Therapy Service is free of charge and arranged in advance. A high percentage of clients are senior citizens, with about twenty percent being children and teenagers. PALS Pet Therapy Volunteers and Donations to PALS are welcome. PALS provides pet therapy at over 60 locations in Calgary. These locations include Alberta Children’s Hospital and the Calgary International Airport.

Disadvantages of having A Pet. 

  • Pets demand time.
  • Pets can get expensive – an endless need for food and unexpected vet bills.
  • A lot of pets need to be house-trained.
  • Extra cleaning is needed in the home.

Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners. 

Yes, the extra cleaning needed is a major consideration when getting a pet. But here are some ideas for making cleanliness a ‘clean sweep.’

  1. Grooming – Regularly groom your pet. It will help with fur shedding, plus pets like the attention.
  2. Litter Box – Clean out the litter regularly and use the quality clumping kind. Invest in a catch-all litter mat so that the litter stays in one place.
  3. Pet Hair – Rubber Gloves used for Dishwashing are great for removing pet hair from your upholstery. Have a lint roller handy. Or Duct Tape. Some pets even like having the lint roller rubbed over their fur directly.
  4. Pet OdoursNatural Air Fresheners can help with pet odours if you are concerned about the quality of your indoor air, especially since pet owners can become somewhat noseblind.
  5. UV Blacklight – Get a UV Blacklight to spot urine mishaps.
  6. Accidents – React promptly when accidents happen.
  7. Carpet Stains – When addressing carpet stains, be careful not to rub the stain into the carpet. Pat the carpet instead. Unfortunately, too often, we have heard customers try to tackle the stain themselves, only to grind it deeper into the carpet. Sometimes, leaving it to professional carpet cleaners is best, but here are some tips just in case:
    • Spritz stains with White Vinegar. But don’t soak the fibres. Dab instead.
    • Avoid steaming out stains. You may inadvertently set them instead.
    • Baking Soda can help with odours.
    • Check out our comprehensive blog post on Carpet Stain Removal. 
  8. Hardwood Floors and TilesSteam Clean Tile or Hardwood Floor with a gentle antibacterial product.
  9. Pet Toys – Wash pet toys in a sink of soapy water (using dish soap). Then rinse and dry.
  10. Furniture – Unfortunately, Pets can take a toll on your Upholstery. These tips can help:
    • Get covers for your furniture.
    • Invest in a cordless handheld vacuum.
    • Consider a Pet Repellant for your Furniture.
    • If a pet is considered a permanent feature in the home, consider purchasing durable upholstery and rugs.
    • Keep your pet’s nails in shape. While Pet Nail Care may be expensive, it will not be as costly as replacing that sofa.
  11. Wash Pet Blankets – Regularly throw your pet’s blankets in the wash.
  12. Remove the Mess – Things can get a little dirty and untidy when you have a pet, but try to keep things to a minimum.
    • Clean and empty food bowls after use.
    • Be conscious of the clutter. Gather up toys and half-chewed objects.
    • Spring Cleaning may need to be done throughout the year, not just in springtime. 
Cute Pets on Carpet and Upholstery in Celebration of Pet Day

Why We Love Your Pets! 

Here at Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning, we are incredibly grateful to your ‘four-leggers.’ Above is a sample of pets from some of our customers. Their mishaps on carpets or dirt on upholstery keep us busy, as does their accumulation of hair in the ductwork. As a result, it all adds up to keep our team employed. So, if you live in and around Calgary or the surrounding areas, call us if you need professional cleaning. 

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