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National Pet Day

Last Updated: August 13, 2020

Written on April 10, 2018 by Karen Norman
Cute Pet on Carpet in Celebration of National Pet Day

About National Pet Day…

National Pet Day is celebrated yearly on April 11th. It is in honour of our furry friends. Colleen Page established it in 2006. She is also the founder of several other unofficial holidays pertaining to pets, cats, and dogs. It is a day to show some extra TLC to our beloved animals. Undeniably, they continue to bring us a lot of joy and unconditional love. Furthermore, Colleen Page created it to draw attention to the number of animals in shelters waiting for adoption. According to the Canadian Veterinarian Medical Association, 35% of Canadians have a Dog and 38% have a Cat. Subsequently, there is still plenty of Canadians who might consider adopting a homeless animal.

Why we love your Pets

Here at Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning, we are especially grateful to your 'four leggers". Their little mishaps on carpets keep us busy. As does their accumulation of hair in the ductwork. As a result, it all adds up to keep our team employed in work.

Photo courtesy of Picsea

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