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Written on March 9, 2019 by Karen At Dang Good

Daylight Savings Time in Alberta

Alberta currently operates on Daylight Savings Time. Winter should soon be over. Spring is just around the corner. Don’t forget to put the clocks forward an hour on Sunday March 10th 2019 at 2am. Won’t it be great to have longer days and eventually no Snow. They say if March comes in like a Lion it goes out like a Lamb.

We will have a lot more light until the clocks Fall Back at 2am Sunday November 3rd 2019. Daylight is the primary reason for the Spring Forward, then Fall Back Scenario in Alberta. The decision is an economical one which continues to be debated but many feel that the extra hours of daylight up and about makes us more productive.

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Written on October 19, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
Clocks Fall Back Alberta

Clocks Fall Back in Calgary.

Don’t forget to put your clocks back soon.

At 2am on Sunday November 4th 2018, the clocks will be put back one hour. This will affect Alberta.

Germany was the first country to introduce Daylight Savings Time. Not long after, Canada followed suit. It was initiated to make best use of the time the sun shone rather than have people sleeping during that time.

Benjamin Franklin first entertained the idea in the 1770’s, but an English Builder: William Willett, was the first to consider it a viable option when he returned to the idea in 1907. Yet Germany was the first to institute it in 1915.

Each province in Canada has its own set of rules on when or whether to use Daylight Time. Currently Alberta uses it. For a while it looked like the Alberta Government might do away with the twice yearly time change but at the end of October 2017, they scrapped the bill to remove Daylight Saving Time.

Nevertheless the debate on the advantages and disadvantages of time change continues. For now however, the status quo remains.

So remember to put those clocks back on Sunday November 4th 2018.

DST for many, acts as a reminder that winter will soon be upon us and that Christmas is not that far away. When preparing for the holiday festivities don’t forget to give your carpets some consideration. We have some great Carpet Cleaning Deals.

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Written on May 16, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
National Tree Day

National Love Tree Day

National Love a Tree Day is every year on May 16th. It’s sometimes called National Tree Day too. One of the ways to show your love of trees is to hug one, or at least try to if their circumference is not too big!

Trees are beneficial to us in so many ways because they:

  • Produce oxygen
  • Absorb harmful gasses such as Carbon Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide
  • Preserve Soil
  • Act as an Eco System for Wildlife
  • Improve water quality
  • Feed birds and provide them with homes
  • Help de-stress us. Walking among them is relaxing
  • Add value to proprieties
  • Provide Shade in hot weather
  • And so much more….

National Tree Day

In Canada, trees have two national days. In addition to the one above there is simply National Tree Day held on the Wednesday of National Forest Week. National Forest Week is every year in September.

Did you know that there is also Alberta Forest Week and Arbor day which dates back to 1884 and is held during the first full week of May.

You can find out more at these links:

One fundamental plus of trees is to help with the Quality of Outdoor Air. Furnace and Duct Cleaning can help with the Quality of Indoor Air

Written on April 12, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
Furnace Filter Replacement

When did you last Replace your Furnace Filter?

This personal anecdote should convince you that changing your Furnace Filter is important.

When I got up this morning, I noticed that the house was considerably colder than normal. On checking the thermostat it was set where I always have it in the cooler months – around 22 centigrade but the home was not reaching that temperature. In the next couple of hours I noticed that intermittently the furnace and fan would kick in and the temperature in the house was subsequently going up and down but still not reaching 22 centigrade.

Booking a Furnace Repair Company

My next job was to call out Official Plumbing and Heating in Calgary to investigate the issue. They are one of the companies we recommend for furnace issues as we at Dang Good only do the Furnace and Duct Cleaning not any repairs. They came out the same day.

The Diagnosis of our Intermittent Furnace Issue

Embarrassingly, it was a simple issue and somewhat shameful given that we are in the business of cleaning Furnace and Air Ducts!

The problem was a A Dirty Filter that should have been replaced months ago! Yes that brown grimy filter in the picture above is ours! It was so clogged that air wasn’t getting through properly and the furnace system was overheating and cutting out. At best this would have increased our energy costs because the furnace would not be working very efficiently. At worst, it was a potential fire hazard for sure! We were lucky that we didn’t need the heat sensor replaced from excess of use. Fortunately we just needed the filter changed but of course we had to pay the technician call out charge. We paid a costly price for neglecting such simple maintenance on our HVAC system, when a regular filter change would have been a much cheaper way to go and rather ironic given that we are:

Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning.

There is no excuse. Dang Good keeps a constant stock of filters because Dang Good provides a standard Free Filter Replacement with each furnace and duct cleaning service. We have been so busy looking after our customer’s homes but we neglected our own home and that is not good.

Furnace Filters help protect the blower fan from dust and dirt. It also helps stabilize the quality of the indoor air.

Have you booked your Furnace and Duct Cleaning yet? We will replace a Standard Filter for free when you book your next cleaning with us. We service Calgary, Airdrie, Balzac, Crossfield and Chestermere.

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Written on April 10, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
Cute Pet on Carpet in Celebration of National Pet Day

About National Pet Day…

National Pet Day is celebrated yearly on April 11th. It is in honour of our furry friends. Colleen Page established it in 2006. She is also the founder of several other unofficial holidays pertaining to pets, cats, and dogs. It is a day to show some extra TLC to our beloved animals. Undeniably, they continue to bring us a lot of joy and unconditional love. Furthermore, Colleen Page created it to draw attention to the number of animals in shelters waiting for adoption. According to the Canadian Veterinarian Medical Association, 35% of Canadians have a Dog and 38% have a Cat. Subsequently, there is still plenty of Canadians who might consider adopting a homeless animal.

Why we love your Pets

Here at Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning, we are especially grateful to your ‘four leggers". Their little mishaps on carpets keep us busy. As does their accumulation of hair in the ductwork. As a result, it all adds up to keep our team employed in work.

Photo courtesy of Picsea

Written on April 7, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
National Beer Day Celebration

National Beer Day is celebrated on different days in different countries. In the U.S. it falls yearly on April 7th to acknowledge the day in 1933 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act. The Act signified the start of the move towards the end of Prohibition and the legal manufacturing and selling of beer.

There are many types of beer on the market today: Bitter, Brown Ale, Lager, Pale Ale, Pilsner, Stout, Wheat Beer and even a wide range of great tasting non-alcoholic beers.

Did you know….

  • Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass.
  • Japanese Sake often thought of as a wine is actually a form of beer.
  • Beer is made up of 90% water.
  • You can chill a bottle or can of beer in two minutes in a bowl of ice and salt.
  • Beer can be used as a cleaning product – below are a few cleaning hacks.

Clean Cast Iron Pots and Pans with Beer

Cover the bottom of the pot or pan while it is still warm. Wait 5-10 minutes. This prevents any left over food particles from sticking.

Polish Brass and Copper Pots

Clean the tarnish and fingerprints on copper pots with beer and a clean cloth. Rub the beer on the copper surface. The acid in beer with remove the tarnish and dirt.

Clean Gold Jewelry with Beer

Pour either light or medium beer (not dark) over the gold jewelry, rinse, then shine with a clean cloth. The carbonic acid in beer will react with the oil and dirt on your jewelry to dissolve it. Or better still place your jewelry in bowl of beer and soak it for 10 minutes or so. Then rinse and wipe.

Use Flat Beer to Polish Wooden Furniture

Use a soft cloth soaked in flat beer to wipe the surface, then polish with a clean dry cloth. The beer will loosen dirt; the malt adds a rich colour to the wooden hue and the alcohol brings out the shine. Test a small hidden area first just to be safe.

Use Beer to remove Rust Spots or to help Loosen Rusty Bolts

Cover the rust spots in a beer saturated cloth for about an hour. The carbonic acid will help dissolve the rust.

If you get beer stains on your Carpets why not give us a call: 403-984-3680. Our Deal Prices are so good why run the risk of cleaning your Carpets yourself when for so little cost you can get the whole house done.

Written on April 6, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
National Tartan Day Logo

A Celebration of Scottish Heritage

We couldn’t resist giving our logo a makeover just for today: April 6th. It is National Tartan Day.

National Tartan Day is a North American Celebration of the Scottish Declaration of Independence. The day also recognizes the successes and contributions of North Americans from Scottish Lineage.

National Tartan Day in Canada

National Tartan Day was first celebrated in New York in 1982. In 1986, Nova Scotia was the first province in Canada to celebrate it. Not long after, the other provinces adopted the celebration too.

Tartan Day was officially recognized in Canada as a nationwide observance in 2010.

The Scots were amoung the first Europeans to settle in Canada.

The Maple Leaf Tartan

Canada’s national tartan is called The Maple Leaf Tartan.

It was designed by David Weiser in 1964 and was initially created for Canada’s centennial in 1967.  However it became the official Canadian National Tartan in 2011. The colours were chosen to depict the changing of the leaves in Autumn from green to red, gold and brown.

Alberta Tartan

Each province has its own tartan. In Alberta, Alison Lamb and Ellen Neilsen from the Edmonton Rehabilitation Society Created the design. It was designed for handicapped persons learning to operate an heirloom. Alberta officially recognized the tartan in 1961.

The current tartan is made up of the colours Green, Gold, Blue, Pink and Black. The tartan is predominantly Green and Gold. Green depicts the province’s forests and Gold was chosen to reflect Alberta’s grain fields. Colours include blue for skies and lakes, pink for wild rose and black for substances such as coal and petroleum. Later, a dress tartan was also added which included the colour white to represent snow.

National Tartan day is often celebrated with Bagpipe Parades and Highland Dancing.

Upholstery Cleaning

Tartan is a popular fabric for Upholstery.

Check out our Upholstery Cleaning Page.

#TartanDay #UpholsteryCleaning

Written on March 28, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
National Garden Weed Day

Appreciation for Weeds

Did you know that March 28th is National Weed Appreciation Day [No not that kind LOL 🙂 Gardens Weeds]. and that some weeds are beneficial to us? Check out https://www.nationaldaycalendar.com/national-weed-appreciation-day-march-28/

According to Ralph Waldo Emerson: “A weed is just a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered"

Did You Know?
Each summer, your air ducts collect lots of dust and pollen from weeds, trees, fields and flowers, so if you have any allergies after switching your air conditioning or heating on, then you may benefit from having a Dang Good Air Duct Cleaning service. View the page to find out what our low-cost service entails.

Written on March 23, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day is celebrated on March 23rd. It was created in 2006 by Colleen Paige and is celebrated every year in support of Puppy Adoption. It also gives attention to the aversion of puppy mills as well as simply setting aside a day to honour our loyal, little friends.

Puppies are so cute and lovable yet they don’t come without a few hazards to our carpets on occasion.

Please keep Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning in mind when you are potty training your new pup. Puppies can take several months to be house trained. That can really take a toll on your carpets. We can black-light your carpet to show you just where your fur ball has left their mark and we can use products to sanitize and deodorize the carpet too.

Written on March 14, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
Duct Cleaning Benefits

Furnaces play an integral role in life in Canada and are critical for keeping our homes at a comfortable temperature over the harsh winter months. While the technology that powers your furnace is relatively simple, it does have to be regularly cleaned to ensure it’s operating safely and efficiently.

Here at Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning, we’re proud to provide expert furnace duct cleaning in Calgary that’s specifically designed to help keep your furnace in top notch condition. Read on to learn more about the key benefits of enlisting the services of professional duct cleaners in Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere and the surrounding areas.

A Healthy Living Environment

The most important advantage of using a furnace duct cleaning service in Calgary is that it can create a healthier living environment for you and your family. Over time, dust, dirt and other irritants can accumulate in the ducts of your furnace, which may circulate around your home as the furnace pushes out hot air. These contaminants can include bacteria, dander, pollen and other potentially harmful toxins, which could pose a health risk if left to go unchecked.

Cheaper Utility Bills

Looking beyond the health aspect, regularly cleaning your furnace can also help you keep the power bill low. How? Well, as dust and grime build up and starts to clog the duct, the furnace is unable to produce a strong airflow, which ultimately impacts its overall efficiency and in turn may increase your energy consumption. Using a furnace duct cleaning service in Airdrie ensures your furnace is operating at maximum efficiency and can help keep your electricity bills low.

 Keep Your Furnace Running Safely

While most reputable name brand furnaces will run for years and years without issue, the fact remains that the parts are always subject to wear and tear and will eventually break down. The build up of dirt on electronic switches and other furnace components may accelerate this process, which could lead to expensive repairs further down the track. Removing contaminants from the duct of your furnace helps keep your furnace in good condition and reduces the risk of bigger issues developing.

More Comfortable Temperatures

Finally, using a duct cleaner in Calgary to remove dirt from your furnace’s conduits allows your furnace to function more efficiently. This means your furnace is better able to produce the heat needed to keep your home at a comfortable temperature and create a cozy environment over the chilly Canadian winter.

If you require a professional furnace duct cleaning service in Airdrie, Calgary or any of the surrounding areas, we’d love to hear from you. With a strong focus on results and unrivaled customer satisfaction, our expert technicians use a state of the art suction system that has been carefully engineered to remove as much debris as possible from the ducts of your furnace. To book a clean or to learn more about our services, give the friendly team a call today on 403-984-3680.


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