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World Sleep Day

Last Updated: August 24, 2021

Written on March 8, 2018 by Karen Norman
Celebrating World Sleep Day

Ways to celebrate World Sleep Day. 

The cleaning effect of a Dang Good Sleep.

When is World Sleep Day?

The next World Sleep Day will be on Friday March 18, 2022
World Sleep Day is an annual celebration of sleep held in March each year. It falls on the Friday before the Spring (or Vernal) Equinox. In the Northern Hemisphere (such as Canada), the Vernal Equinox refers to the Spring Equinox, whereas in the Southern Hemisphere (i.e., Australia) it is referred to as the Fall Equinox. This Vernal Equinox is a moment in time when the length of day and night are equal, and it signifies the start of Spring.

Below is a list of other years.

  • 2023 – Friday March 17, 2023
  • 2024 – Friday March 15, 2024
  • 2025 – Friday March 14, 2025
  • 2026 – Friday March 13, 2026

What is World Sleep Day?

World Sleep Day as the name suggests is a global initiative on sleep education. The purpose of World Sleep Day is to encourage better sleep prevention and promote habits to manage sleep problems. It highlights the benefits of sleep and the health problems associated with a lack of it.

The History of World Sleep Day?

World Sleep day was created in 2008 and is hosted by the World Sleep Society and organized by their World Sleep Day Committee.

Each year World Sleep Day has a catchphrase or focus. For example, the slogan in 2021 was “Regular Sleep, Healthy Future.” One of our favorites was in 2015 when they had the phrase: “When Sleep is Sound, Health and Happiness Abound.”

At the time of writing, no slogan had yet been set for 2022.

How to Celebrate World Sleep Day?

World Sleep Day is not a day set aside for sleeping, as much as for some that might be appealing. Instead, it is more about doing things that will bring awareness to the importance and significance of sleep and to highlight some resources available to those suffering from sleep disorders.

Below are ways to Celebrate World Sleep Day

  • Make Sleep a Priority – Realizing and acknowledging that sleep is important is a necessary first step.
  • Take a 15–20-minute Power Nap – A power nap is not for everyone but for some, if you get the opportunity, it may help you recharge. However, there are specific guidelines for making your powernap successful so that it helps rather than impedes regular sleep.
  • Commit to Sleep Hygiene – The Sleep Foundation https://www.sleepfoundation.org/sleep-hygiene suggests creating an environment and habits that put you in a better position for a good night’s sleep. They suggest:
    • Create specific Schedule and Routines so that your body knows when it is time for sleep.
    • Creating a specific bedtime routine.
    • Ensuring your bedroom is enhanced for a good night’s sleep.
    • Creating a lifestyle which promotes healthy sleep.
  • Create a Sleep Ritual – This is specific process which (when made a habit), prepares the body and mind for sleep. This could be setting aside a set time each night to sit in bed with a milky drink and journal to reflect on the day or making a list tomorrow’s priorities so that you can set them aside before going off to sleep. Some people prefer to meditate or perhaps listen to soothing music.
  • Arrange to talk to a Sleep Specialist – If you are having problems sleeping, please talk first to your doctor who will likely refer you to a sleep consultant.
  • Share Post a on Social Media – Let everyone know it is World Sleep Day and share links on Social Media using the hashtag: #WorldSleepDay.
  • Post the Official Press Release – Every year there is a World Sleep Day Press Release. The World Sleep Day organization encourages distribution of the release.
  • Become a Delegate and Organize a Sleep Awareness Event – Organizing a Sleep Awareness Activity could be a fun way to team build.
  • Become a Member of the World Sleep Society – World Sleep Society Membership runs for one calendar year and gives access to various sleep magazines, journals, and virtual meetings.
  • Get a Sleep App – Yes there are various sleep apps that do everything from tracking sleep to offering light and sounds to assist with Sleep. You will have to weigh this option against removing all electronic gadgets from the bedroom which many also suggest to be helpful.
  • Buy a New Mattress – How long have you had your mattress? The Sleep Foundation recommends a replacement every 6 to 8 years.
  • Get your Mattress Cleaned – Perhaps you have had a few mishaps on that mattress. Why not get a mattress cleaning.
  • Consider Corporate Sponsorship – If you are a business then the World Sleep Society has sponsorship levels from Bronze to Diamond. As of March 2021, you could sponsor World Sleep Day from any where in the range from $1000 USD to $20,000 USD.

What is so important about Sleep?

In our opinion the benefits of Sleep cannot be overstated. World Sleep Day helps draw attention to the benefits that a good night's sleep can help with. Consequently, sleep can help with…

  • Stress Management
  • Improved Memory
  • Better Quality of Life
  • More Creativity
  • Healthy Weight Control
  • Concentration
  • Productivity
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Control of Inflammation

Disclaimer – It must be stressed here that whilst this blog helps to bring sleep issues to your attention through the promotion of World Sleep Day. It makes no attempt to be an authority on sleep and you are strongly advised to get qualified help if you are having sleep problems. The suggestions in this blog are very generalized and intended to be innocuous. They may help to try but they are not an attempt to replace professional medical advice which we strongly advise you to seek out first if you are having problems.

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