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Bedroom Cleaning Hacks for Improved Sleep

Last Updated: April 11, 2024

Written by Karen Norman
Bedroom Cleaning - Hacks for easy Deep Cleaning

Bedroom Cleaning Hacks to help you Sleep in Peace. 

How to Deep Clean and Organize your Bedroom for a Better Night’s Sleep. 

Have you been sleeping poorly? Does your bedroom lack that feeling of being a peaceful place to reset at the end of the day? Even if your room is tidy, what could be missing is a good, deep clean. If you need to be more restful and get quality sleep, organizing and cleaning your bedroom may well be the answer.

A Mess can equal less Sleep.

It’s official! A study by New York’s St. Lawrence University confirms a correlation between a messy bedroom and a poor night’s sleep. Simply put, “Mess Equals Stress.” When facing a mountain of clutter, the body releases cortisol. High levels of cortisol interfere with your ability to relax. The Sleep Research Society wrote an article on “De-Cluttering the Bedroom to improve Sleep Quality.” They also suggest that tidying the bedroom area may be a helpful way to improve sleep.

So, the first thing you need to do for a good night’s sleep is to organize and declutter your room.
A chore that can feel overwhelming if you have let the mess get out of hand. Don’t be afraid to break it up into smaller tasks or even call in a professional organization expert. Think, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” If something doesn’t have a “place,” it’s time to discard or donate it.

Remove or Tidy the Clutter.

The following is an easy, simple list that should help clear the clutter and make you feel instantly better:

  • Remove any Garbage.
  • Take Dirty Cups and Plates to the Kitchen.
  • Place dirty clothes in the Hamper – And when the hamper is full, do the laundry or at least take it to the laundry room. You could even have two hampers that you rotate.
  • Hang up or fold up clean clothes and put them away in the closets and drawers. – yes, even if they need ironing. We suggest you iron as you go. Many things once folded or hung may not need ironing, especially if done as they come out of the dryer.
  • Do not leave any clothes in the bedroom. And that means even those you take off at night. Instead, make room in the closet or keep a hanger behind the door to put those clothes you want to wear again.
  • Keep surfaces clear or minimally covered. Only have essentials on the bedside table.

Clean from Top to Bottom.

Start with Ceiling Fans and Lighting.
Then address the walls, doors and windows.
Finally clean next to the bed, followed by the baseboards and floor.

The Main Feature – Your Bed.

  • Make your bed – There may be Mental Health Benefits to Making your Bed.
  • Wash your bedding regularly – The Sleep Foundation gives several reasons, from dirt to dust mites.
  • Always strip the bed when doing a major bedroom cleaning. Once stripped…
    • wipe the headboard and bedframe, and remember to vacuum under the bed.
    • Inspect your mattress – does it need turning or cleaning? Check out our Mattress Cleaning Hacks.
    • Don’t forget the pillows. These days, many pillows are machine washable, but if your current ones are not, think about replacing them with ones that are.

Mattress and Upholstery Cleaning.

We suggest that once a year, you get any upholstery in your bedroom professionally deep cleaned. Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning can also add a mattress cleaning service to your carpet or upholstery cleaning, and even throw in (upon request) a free queen-size mattress cleaning when you book a steam cleaning package.

You definitely want to book that professional mattress cleaning service. Your mattress collects hair, sweat, saliva, dead skin and more. That dead skin is a feast for dust mites – a colony of mites is a recipe for allergy and asthma attacks. Even if you are not prone to asthma, doesn’t the thought of microscopic mites make your skin crawl? Sweat and bodily fluids can lead to the growth of yeast, bacteria and mould, conveniently hidden inside your mattress. If Fido or Kitty sleep on your bed, your mattress can also be collecting pet dander and (ewww…brace for it…) ticks.

Perhaps you think you are fine because you have a mattress cover that you wash frequently and have no pets, right? Think again. Mattresses are notoriously prone to releasing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can further interfere with your sleep and health. A professional clean gets rid of the hair, dander, mites, and sweat and helps reduce the amount of VOCs.

Other aspects of the bedroom to dust or wipe.

  • All Surfaces – Such as Bedside Tables or Drawers
  • Light switches and doorknobs
  • Lamps and Lampshades
  • Walls – A Magic Eraser may help with scuff marks.
  • Baseboards

Check if Curtains are machine washable or consider having them dry-cleaned.

Dust blinds using a vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Check out this video on “How to Clean blinds the Fast and Easy Way."

And don’t forget those heating and air conditioning air vents. They can be unscrewed and washed with soapy water. You may even consider getting a professional duct cleaning before you start. 

Polish Windows and more.

Mirrors and Glass Picture Frames could benefit from a polish, as can your windows.

Natural light boosts your mood and helps set your circadian rhythm. Having a view of nature further reduces stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, a dirty window interferes with all of this. Dirt and grime that have settled on your window can also harbour bacteria. We don’t often think of windows as a bacteria hotspot, but it’s true!

Clean the inside of your window using a store-bought spray or make your own by diluting one part vinegar to 10 parts warm water. A microfiber cloth or paper towel will leave the glass streak-free. Next, wipe down the window wells and use a diluted bleach solution if you notice any mould on the sills. If you see mould, have a professional check for water entry issues. Mould in the walls is very serious; seeing it build up on your sills could indicate a bigger problem.

And don’t forget those Window Tracks.

When cleaning the exterior, opt for professional window cleaning, especially if your bedroom is on the upper floor. Call in the pros once a year to clean all your exterior windows so you can get the best views and light from every room in your home.

Cleaning the Bedroom Carpet.

Even when hardwood floors are preferable, many still opt for the coziness of carpet in the bedroom.

It goes without saying to vacuum the carpet regularly, but your carpet needs a deep clean now and then to remove pet dander, allergens, dust mites, and stains. Dust mites can set off allergies, leaving you wheezing, coughing and itching instead of sleeping. Get your carpets cleaned and sanitized at least once a year – or two to three times if you have pets or are a smoker. In the interim, make sure you vacuum your carpets regularly to keep allergens and irritants at bay.

Bonus tip: If your pet has an accident on your carpet, use an enzyme cleaner. Not only do enzyme cleaners break down stains efficiently, but they also remove territorial odours that signal your pet to continue marking the area.

Sleep Better Tonight.

Any small step you take to clean and organize your room will be a step closer to a good night’s sleep. So, make deep cleaning your room a priority. A night of good sleep is vital to your health and wellbeing, as the World Sleep Society will attest. But, you don’t have to go it alone. Dang Good Carpet Cleaning provides the deep, professional cleaning you need at prices you can afford. Learn more by visiting Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning today!

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