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Please note that the minimum Call-Out Charge for Carpet Cleaning is $79.99 plus the Waste Disposal Fee and GST. See Deals Page for Details. Below is a summary. Please also note that Deals are for a Standard Clean. Heavily Contaminated HVAC Systems, Carpet/Upholstery Soiling, Stains or Pet Issues incur extra charges and are NOT included in Deal Pricing. Please select all that apply....

Deal when a portable unit needed - Up to 3 Rooms & One Hall (Max 600 Sq Ft & Minimum Charge $99.99 plus GST if an Apartment)
Carpets up to 5 Rooms & One Hall (Max 900 Sq Ft). 1 Furnace & up to 10 vents. (Extra Vents $8 each - ALL must be cleaned)
1 Furnace Cleaned & up to 10 Vents (Extra Vents $8 each - ALL must be cleaned)
We do NOT charge extra for High Efficiency Furnaces
Furnace Cleaning Only... When there is Air Conditioning in the home an AC Bypass has to be done to protect the system
Up to 5 Rooms & One Hall (Max 900 Sq Ft) - Stairs cannot be substituted.
3 Seat Sofa & 1 Chair (Sorry we don't clean some Microfiber) as it may not respond well to Steam Cleaning
Up to 3 Rooms & one Hall (Max 600 Sq Ft) - Stairs cannot be substituted
Minimum $79.99 required
Minimum $79.99 required
Minimum order of $79.99 required

Add-ons: For Carpets/Upholstery that need more than a Basic Clean - i.e. Stains, Soiling or Pet Issues

Please call 403-984-3680 for more Detailed Pricing

Deals are for a Basic Clean only. If your Carpet or Upholstery is Soiled, has Stains or there are Pet Issues/Urine Issues, then the Extra Treatments above will apply.

Carpet, Rug or Upholstery Protector: Scotchgard TM

Please call 403-984-3680 for Detailed Pricing

Add-ons: Only available with Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning

Add-ons: Only available with Furnace/Duct Cleaning

These are Optional Services

Supply and Install: Available with Furnace/Duct Cleaning

$20 Waste Disposal Fee and GST

I acknowledge that there is a Waste Disposal Fee of $20 on both our Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning Service and our Furnace/Duct Cleaning Services and All Prices are subject to GST.


Please provide date(s) required and specific details ie # bedrooms or sq ft of house, etc.

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