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Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning

About Us

About Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning

Learn all about us…

Find out what we are all about at Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning.

A Local, Calgary-Based, Family-Run Business.

Operated and Owned by:
Mark Norman & Karen Norman.

About Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning in a Nutshell.

Providing quality cleaning services at affordable rates to hard-working households, who care about their homes and want to keep them clean, healthy, and well looked after.

Your home is important to us, and we want to help you maintain it with minimum fuss and a fair price. We understand (especially in the present climate) that funds can be limited, and you need to be discerning about how you spend your money.

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While cheaper cleaning companies exist, they do not necessarily provide the exceptional service we have become known for.

If you rely on Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning for your cleaning services, you will feel like your hard-earned cash was money well spent.

We aspire to be a household name: to be known as ‘The Cleaning Company’ you turn to time and time again for the following Professional Cleaning Services:

Let us make a difference in your home.

We service Locations: Airdrie AB, Calgary AB, Crossfield AB, Chestermere AB, Okotoks AB and surrounding areas.

Fully licensed and insured with liability insurance and WCB, you can feel comfortable about letting us into your home.

We strive to wow our customers ahead of the bottom line. We respect them, and we appreciate their homes. We seek to make the little things important in the same way those same things are essential to our customers. We pride ourselves on providing superior cleaning at a reasonable rate. We have served over 17000 customers and are growing exponentially. Furthermore, we have built a solid reputation and have a proven track record which our reviews and awards can attest to.

About the Owners of Dang Good…

Mark Norman, Co-Owner of Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning

About Mark Norman

Mark first started cleaning Carpets, Rugs, Furnaces, Ducts and Windows in the 1980s and has over 40 Years’ experience in the cleaning industry. He is not only hands-on; he manages the business, trains and oversees the technicians and ensures that each employee meets our very high standards of cleaning.

Mark is passionate about his trade and works hard to exceed customer expectations. He seeks to provide superior cleaning every time and give excellent customer service at an unbeatable cost.

Karen Norman, Co-Owner of Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning

 About Karen Norman

Karen is responsible for the website and writes the business blog, in consultation with Mark of course. However her love of the business means she is always studying and reading up on the latest cleaning technologies.

Karen supports her husband Mark in the smooth running and day-to-day operations of the business. She has a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Business Information Technology. She oversees the administrative side of the company, such as Book-keeping, Taxes, Marketing Advertising, SEO, HR etc.

Karen is passionate about presenting a Company profile of excellence that matches Mark’s work ethic and enthusiasm for exceptional service. Together Mark and Karen have become a dynamic duo both in business and marriage.

A Snapshot of the Owners

In September 2022, Karen and Mark Norman were kindly invited to attend a Podcast called “Calgary Carpet Cleaning | It’s Dang Good," put on by No Payne Roofing Inc in Calgary. It was their 45th episode and we were delighted to be a part of it. The podcast for sure provides a comprehensive look at what we are all about. Thank you No Payne Roofing for the opportunity.

Vision | Mission | Values

Vision Statement

To reflect the name: Dang Good.
To be recognized as the number one company in the cleaning industry ahead of any other company by far.
To be the company that instantly comes to mind when looking for Carpet Cleaning, Furnace Cleaning and Window Cleaning.
To be a highly valued, profitable business that competitors look to emulate, showing leadership in everything it does.

Dang Good Cleaning Services Logo

Mission Statement

To provide quality cleaning at affordable rates, giving our customers value for money and results that make them regular, lifetime consumers of all our cleaning services. In addition, our customers are inspired to promote us to family and friends, making us a ‘household name.’

Dang Good Cleaning Services Logo

Core Values

1. Fairness

  • We care about others.
  • We are considerate of our customers, peers, and the company.
  • We are honest with ourselves and others.
  • We are empathetic and understanding.
  • We look at the human factor in each situation.
  • We are forgiving.
  • We are respectful.
  • We avoid gossip –creating or receiving it. We are direct in our concerns – not talking to others who are not directly involved.

2. Quality

  • We seek to add value. We are pleased to serve and do a little extra.
  • We aim to exceed expectations.
  • We recognize the Value in our Customers, our Peers, and the Company and ourselves.
  • We always aim to do our best.
  • We are never sloppy!

3. Outward Focus

  • We focus on others and how we affect their lives.
  • We look at what is best for the customer and ask ourselves: “am I doing right by the customer"?
  • We look at what is best for the team? Am I doing right by the team?
  • We look at what is best for the company? Am I doing right by the Company?
  • We look at what is best for our peers? Am I doing right by my peers?
  • We seek a positive focus.
  • We seek to be inspirational.

4. Discipline

  • We believe in hard work.
  • We are dedicated to the Company, the job, our peers, and our customers.
  • We seek enjoyment and fulfillment in our work.
  • We cultivate Passion, Positivity and Creativity.
  • We take control over our attitude, behaviour, and effort.
  • We work with enthusiasm.
  • We take ownership.

5. Perseverance

  • We Adapt (We Act, Adjust and Correct).
  • We Learn. We Grow.
  • We Persist. We never give up.
  • When we fall, we get back up. We keep going. We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and move forward.
  • We strive to do our best.
  • We are solution-oriented – We believe there is almost always a resolution.
Perfect Balance - 1:1 Ratio of Cleaning and Cost

Why Choose Dang Good?

The Perfect Balance

1:1 Ratio of Quality Cleaning and Fair Cost

Because we are:

    • Committed to Excellence and are Passionate about what we do.
    • Growing a solid Business and a phenomenal team. We will only improve with age.
    • Accredited with the BBB with an A+ Rating.
    • IICRC certified.
    • A QUADCA Member, not to mention being recognized for many awards.

And because:

    • Our cleaning is of the highest standard.
    • Our fees are reasonable and will suit every budget.
    • We employ and keep staff who demonstrate an evident dedication to our philosophy and are willing to be trained from the ground up to meet our impeccable service levels.


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Here are a couple of our Favourite Testimonials.

“Wow. What an amazing company. I have lived in my home for 4 years, with 3 sons and nothing but family traffic on my white carpets throughout. My carpets were terrible, to say the least. Mark and his team did a fabulous job, I am beyond satisfied. my carpets look incredible. These men were so understanding, accommodating and polite. Truly was a great experience. I have already booked other services with them. I highly recommend Dang Good Carpet Cleaning. They are DANG GOOD!!!"

Brandymae Saunders – Google Review

“Received excellent and amazing service from Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning today. I had my furnace and carpet cleaned. All four employees working today, did an outstanding job of the services required, all with a very polite, professional and friendly demeanour! Marcus took extra time, to take me downstairs and explain what had been done with the furnace cleaning, which was not only very interesting but an additional professional touch at the end of the cleaning. I, unfortunately, didn’t get the other names today, but very much appreciative of their work today. Highly recommend!"

Gavin Boutwell – Google Review

We have some Dang Good Customers

We love our Dang Good customers

Customer Satisfaction

Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning is dedicated to Customer Satisfaction, and if necessary, we will come back without hesitation to your home to ensure you are satisfied. Allow us to put something right, and we will do our very best to turn a negative issue into a positive win.

A Dang Good Timeline of Noteworthy Tidbits and Milestones.


We became Highly Recommended on Alignable.

Highly Recommended by Locals On Alignable


We attended the HomeStars Awards Ceremony and won the Best of Award and the Best of the Best Award in 2023. We have won the best of Award 5 times and the Best of the Best 3 times: 2020, 2022 and 2023.


We heard we had won the Best of TrustedPros 2022 Award for Duct Cleaning.

Best Of TrustedPros.ca 2022


We won the CommunityVotes Platinum award in Calgary in three categories again.


We heard that we became a Top Choice Award Winner for Carpet Cleaning in Calgary for the second year running.


Dang Good was once again recognized on Three-Best-Rated in Calgary for the 5th time. We are also recognized in Airdrie for the 4th time too.
Best Carpet Cleaning in Calgary - Three Best Rated Best Carpet cleaning in Airdrie


We won Airdrie CommunityVotes Platinum Awards in Commercial Cleaning and Home Cleaners Categories and Gold in Heating and Cooling. This was our first time winning CommunityVotes in Airdrie.


We attended an hour-plus podcast with No Payne Roofing Inc. A link can be found above in the section entitled: “A Snapshot of the Owners."


We heard we had won the Airdrie City View Reader’s Silver Furnace Cleaner Award and the Bronze Carpet Cleaner Award.


Top Choice Awards Posted a Video we did with them called: Your carpet is your home’s biggest filter – more with Dang Good.

06 and 07-May-2022

Karen and Mark Norman attended the Okotoks Trade and Lifestyle Show for the first time.

23 and 24-Apr-2022

Karen and Mark Norman attended the Airdrie Trade and Lifestyle Show after a two-year forced sabbatical due to COVID-19.


Best of the Best of HomeStars

We are a HomeStars Best of the Best Award Winner for 2022 in Calgary for the following categories:

  • Carpet and Rug Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Window and Gutter Cleaning.


Best of Award with HomeStars

Once again we won the HomeStars Best of Award for 2022. This is the fourth year in a row. Check out our HomeStars Profile.


We have reached  1500 Google Reviews and currently hold a 5.0 Rating. Thank you to all our customers who have contributed to the high rating. We appreciate your time.


We now have at least 2000 members on our Dang Good Cleaning and Organization Hacks Facebook Group.


Calgary Platinum CommunityVotes Window Cleaning Winner Calgary Platinum CommunityVotes Furnace Cleaning Winner

For the second year running, we won the Calgary CommunityVotes Platinum Award for Carpet Cleaning and Duct Cleaning.


Calgary Platinum CommunityVotes Carpet Cleaning Winner

For the first time ever we won Platinum Award on CommunityVotes in Calgary for Window Cleaning.


We won the 2022 Top Choice Award for Carpet Cleaning Calgary. You can read all about it on our Blog: Top Choice Award Winner.


We were re-confirmed by Three-Best-Rated as the 2022 Top 3 Carpet Service in Calgary and Airdrie.


We celebrated 5 years of BBB Accreditation. You can find out more on our Blog: A+ BBB Business.


We became a 2021 HomeStars Best of Award Winner, having won this 3 times. You can read about this in our HomeStars Blog Post.


Three Best Rated honours us with a Crystal Trophy for being the 2021 Top Carpet Cleaner in Calgary. Check out the photo in the Facebook Post: Three Best Rated Honours Businesses for their Hard Work!


We heard that we had won the 2020 CommunityVotes Calgary for

  • Platinum for Carpet Cleaning
  • Platinum for Duct Cleaning


We moved into a New Bay: 2-1935 30th Avenue NE Calgary but also kept Bay 6 in the same block because we needed the extra space.


We were awarded Bronze for both Carpet Cleaning and Furnace Duct Cleaning by Airdrie City View Readers.


We were featured on the HomeStars Blog: Best of Awards – Announcing the Best of the Best 2020.


We introduced Another New Service: Window Cleaning together with Gutter Cleaning and Pressure Washing.


We introduced a New Service: Sanitization and Disinfection. In addition, we created a new blog for  Coronavirus Updates.


HomeStars presented us with a crystal trophy award for being the Best of the Best Winner for Calgary 2020, which we still consider to be a huge achievement.


We found out that we had achieved the top three on Three-Best-Rated not just in Calgary but in Airdrie too.

The Year 2019

The Year 2018

The Year 2017

  • Nov – We moved out of the Home and into a Bay in the NE of Calgary.
  • Apr – We attended the Calgary Moms Trade Fair.


We purchased our first Furnace Cleaning Van, took on two staff and started our Furnace and Duct Cleaning Service.


We commenced trading as Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning. Initially using just one Carpet Cleaning van and with Mark Norman cleaning. At this time, Karen was still working full-time in the IT Industry.

Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning
1935 30 Avenue NE, Unit 2, Calgary, AB. T2E 6Z5

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