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The Best of Airdrie Awards

Last Updated: August 10, 2021

Written on October 8, 2019 by Karen Norman
Best of Airdrie Award Winners

Best of Airdrie Reader's Choice Awards

Thank you once again to the Readers of Airdrie City View Publication, who voted for Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning in the 2020, 12th Annual Airdrie City View's Best of Airdrie Reader's Choice Awards. We won:

Winning the Best of Airdrie Award in 2020

This is our third time winning this award. In 2018, we previously won Bronze for Carpet Cleaning and Furnace Cleaning in the 10th Annual Best of Airdrie Reader's Choice Awards. And in 2019 we won Silver for Carpet Cleaning and Bronze for Furnace Cleaning

We sincerely appreciate the Vote of Confidence. It helps our business enormously to be able to refer to ourselves as Award Winning. Furthermore, we improved in 2019 by going up to Silver for the Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Airdrie, Alberta. Unfortunately we dropped back to bronze in 2020 for both Carpet Cleaning and Furnace Cleaning but we hope to do much better in 2021.

Each year in July and August, Readers of Airdrie City View can recognize and vote for the businesses, people, places and events they love by completing a survey. We are honored and humbled that Airdrie Residents have recognized us in this way.

Awards are announced each year in September and we are delighted to have won a place again this year.

Airdrie City View Best of Award

Best of Airdrie Award Ceremony

Unfortunately, this year 2020, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic there was not an awards event.

This was in stark contrast to the evening of 12th September 2019, when we attended a Wine and Cheese Ceremony at the Airdrie Town and Country Centre. We had photographs taken showing us receiving these awards. It was great to meet up last year with other small business winners and peers as well as the Airdrie City View staff. Sadly so many missed out in 2020 with the required social distancing.

A published Thank You for our Best of Airdrie Award

This year, AirdrieToday.com kindly offered us a free thank you article in the September 17th 2020 pullout section which can be seen on page 40.

City of Airdrie Customers who voted us Best of Airdrie

We just love doing business in Airdrie. Airdrie has such a small town feeling yet it is a thriving community with a fast-growing population. According to Great West Newspapers,  it has a population of 65000 and is growing at a rate of 7% every year. Airdrie-onians have a unique spirit that is hard to find elsewhere. They are great at passing on word of our business, essentially doing our marketing for us. Whilst we must confess that our business is not actually in Airdrie, we are so very close, we almost feel Airdrie-onians. Our Head Office is in the community of Panorama Hills in the North West of Calgary.

With that said this makes these awards that much more amazing. Airdrie customers are a huge and significant part of our business. Airdrie is a neighborhood of young families. Young households are such an important demographic for Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning.

Airdrie City View

A shout out must also go to Airdrie City View, which is an Airdrie newspaper published in print and online weekly. It portrays a variety of stories and events about the local community. It is a free-distribution paper, delivered to all the households in Airdrie. It was founded in 2002 by Cameron Christianson. See the latest Airdrie City View publication online.

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