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National Love a Tree Day

Last Updated: August 11, 2021

Written on May 16, 2018 by Karen Norman
National Love A Tree Day

Love a Tree Day – May 16th

National Love a Tree Day is celebrated every year on May 16th. It should not be confused with National Tree Day which is held annually in September – see below. National Love a Tree Day is sometimes simply called: “Love a Tree Day”.

How do you Love a Tree?

Here are some ways to Love a Tree on National Love a Tree Day in the like-minded spirit of an arborist:

  • Hug a Tree – One of the ways to show your love of trees is to hug one, or at least try to if their circumference is not too big!
  • Climb a Tree – an option for those who are more ambitious or in the profession of caring for trees.
  • Plan to Plant a Tree – Unfortunately, the month of May is not the best time for planting trees. Which is why planning to plant a tree is the better option. Trees should be planted in the Autumn after the leaves fall. In planning to plant a tree you will need to evaluate the best kind to plant based on the soil, climate, and the amount of land available. You will need to allow for its potential growth over time. Also, you will need to be careful where you are digging. The City of Calgary Website has some tips for Planting Trees and Shrubs in Calgary.
  • Support a Tree Planting Charity – Instead of directly planting a tree, supporting a charity that plants trees, is a great alternative. At the time of writing, TreeCanada charges just $4 per seedling to contribute to their National Greening Program. Or donate $40 for one urban tree.
  • Identify some Trees – There are some great mobile apps for identifying trees in the neighborhood by looking at the shape and color of their leaves.
  • Water a Tree – It sounds simple but there is a specific way to water a tree. Firstly, in the summer its best to water a tree in the early morning or in the evening. Watering trees should not just be on May 16th though. Instead the soil around the tree should be checked especially if there has not been much rain. If the soil is dry at a two-inch depth, then it needs watering. Slow deep watering is preferred.
  • Enjoy the mystery of Trees – Simply appreciate the wonder of trees by being outdoors among them, taking photographs.
  • Enjoy the shade of a Tree – Depending on the weather, the month of May can sometimes be lovely and warm, in which case sitting under the shade of a tree to read, is considered by some to be the height of luxury. Especially in Alberta with our precarious climate.
  • Respect for a Tree – Have respect for trees by recycling paper and let it serve as a reminder that trees must be cut down to produce paper. The website: The World Counts has some interesting Paper Waste Facts. 

National Tree Day

In Canada, trees have two national days. In addition to the one above, there is simply National Tree Day which is held on the Wednesday of National Forest Week. National Forest Week is every year in September. In 2020, National Tree Day is on Wednesday September 23rd. National Tree Day is in honor of the benefits that trees give us.

Urban Trees for improved Outdoor Air Quality

Trees can have a significant and positive impact on our Outdoor Air Quality. Through photosynthesis trees absorb and help remove Carbon Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide from the atmosphere that contribute to the ‘greenhouse effect.” In the process they add oxygen back into the atmosphere. Trees contribute to clean air and water.
Some Urban Coniferous Trees for Calgary, Alberta in particular, are the Larch, Fir and Spruce. Some Urban Deciduous Trees are the Ash and Birch.

Other Benefits of Trees

Trees are beneficial to us in so many ways because they:

  • Provide a day’s worth of oxygen for up to 4 people per large tree
  • Preserve Soil
  • Act as an Eco System for Wildlife
  • Improve water quality
  • Feed birds and provide them with homes
  • Help de-stress us. Walking among them is relaxing
  • Help improve mental health
  • Add value to properties
  • Provide shade in hot weather
  • Help with climate moderation
  • Help us live longer
  • Help us live healthier lives.

And so much more….

Interesting Facts relating to Trees

Did you know that in addition to National Love a tree Day and National Tree Day there is also Alberta Forest Week? Alberta Forest Week originates back to 1884 and is held in the first week of May. Also, there is Arbor Day which was first observed in 1872 and takes place during the first two weeks of May. The first Calgary Arbor Day was on May 8th, 1905. You can find out more at the Government of Alberta Link on Forest Week.


Whilst a fundamental plus of trees is to help with the Outdoor Air Quality, in contrast, Furnace and Duct Cleaning can help with the Indoor Air Quality.
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