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A Dang Good Office Cleanup

Last Updated: April 9, 2024

Written by Karen Norman

Useful Tips for an Office Cleanup. 

Take Control of your workspace! 

The Importance of a Dang Good Office Cleanup. 

Now, more than ever, starting the new year with an office cleanup or organized desk is essential. Influenza and Pandemics have caused homes and workplaces to pivot sharply. Often these days, we are working, schooling, and living at home. For some, the switch changed from full-time work in the office to remote work from home. For others, it is hybrid or changes as the waves come and the policies flux. The same goes for school. Sometimes it is on-site; sometimes, it’s at home on a tablet.

With all these changes, having a clean and organized office space is essential. Plus, why not include the office cleanup in some New Year Cleaning Resolutions

Life is easier when your office is clean, adequately equipped, organized, and ready to go. The start of a New Year is the perfect time to reflect on the state of your Office. Is it a mess? Organizing your desk will help reduce some of the stress. So why not time it to coincide with National Clean Your Desk Day?

Office Cleanup and Organization

National Clean Your Desk Day. 

National Clean Your Desk Day is a day designated for tidying your office desk. It is a relatively new national holiday. Its history is a little uncertain, though, and its origins unclear. However, it is a national day that makes a lot of sense at the start of the year.

When is National Clean Your Desk Day? 

It is held annually on the 2nd Monday in January. In 2025 it is on Monday, January 13th. In 2026 it is on January 12th. In addition to the ideas outlined below. You can celebrate National Clean Your Desk Day by using #CleanOffYourDeskDay or #NationalCleanOffYourDeskDay in a post on social media.

Benefits of a Clean and Organized Workspace. 

A tidy workspace gives you more productivity without constantly looking for pens or chargers. An orderly desk at the office shows your boss you are efficient and organized.

Mentally, less clutter leads to better brain health. It reduces stress levels and can make you feel more in control. Subsequently, it can help you sleep better, and let’s face it, it is much easier to find everything. So, are you ready to reap the benefits of a Dang Good Office Cleanup? Let’s dive in!

Ways to embark on your Office Cleanup. 

Note that these tips refer to organizing your home office, workplace office, the kids’ homework space, etc. Remember, if you don’t have a dedicated home office space, it’s okay to have a laptop and an office-in-a-box that goes on the kitchen table during work hours. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your limited space.  

Start the Office Cleanup. 

Begin by removing everything from the desk or workspace: the device, papers, pens – everything. Then give the surface a good clean.

Next, clean your devices: the keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Next, wipe the dust off the cords and cables. Check out this video to see how to clean the keyboard and mouse, and this one to learn how to clean your monitor safely. Of course, you have to be careful of what you use on the monitor.

Don’t neglect your chair. If you are not already using an ergonomically correct office chair, now is the time to get one. At the very least, look into a chair pad and back support. In addition, use a microfiber cloth and a gentle cleaning agent on chairs that can be wiped down. Vacuuming your chair may be an option too.

The Office and Desk Purge. 

Items that take up space but have no function are detrimental to your peace of mind, organization, and clean area. Take a good look at everything you have in the office. Is it still needed?

  • Get a file box to organize the stack of papers.
  • Convert the wad of sticky notes to digital tools, (apps like OneNote work for this). If you find yourself writing notes by hand a lot, buy a notebook. Get one with tabs so you can organize your notes by client, date, or project.
  • Do you have mementos and pictures? If they take up needed space, digitize them and use an electronic frame that automatically scrolls through the pics.

Finding Efficiencies in your WorkSpace.

 Some ways you can organize even the smallest space include:

  • Install a whiteboard or use chalkboard paint to take advantage of vertical space.
  • Use storage seats or a desk with extra storage.
  • Colour code and label things, including your cords.
  • Use a bookshelf. These are great for holding files, décor, chargers, and more. Make use of wall space by getting tall bookshelves, especially if your workspace is limited.
  • Make sure everything has a home, and your actual desk is as clear as possible. Only have on your desk the current project you are working on.
  • Often referred to as a landing pad – have just one area in the office where new items such as memos, mail, leaflets, and parcels, etc., land. Then set aside a time in the day to address those items and put them in their rightful place.
  • Keep an inbox tray for important things you are working on and a second one for items not as urgent but not ready to be filed away.
  • Organize the desk drawers (if any). Don’t just toss stuff in there!

Stock Up on Office Supplies. 

  • Notepad
  • Envelopes
  • Pens/pencils
  • A fidget item if you like one when on the phone
  • Appropriate desk lighting
  • Whiteboard markers or chalk
  • A fan or a space heater
  • Water bottle – if it’s on your desk, you’ll drink more water!
  • Stapler
  • List of significant numbers in your phone in one folder
  • Extra printer ink

Is your office Cleanup Complete? Keep it that way! 

Life is busy. It seems like cleaning is the easiest thing to put off. However, when we neglect to tidy our space, the mess grows until it becomes overwhelming. Then our already busy days get even more frustrating, and we put off cleaning again and again because the task is just too big to put into our already packed day.

Procrastination is often evident in the office, where it’s easier to close the door or leave that project work out instead of dealing with it. But starting the day by staring at a messy desk leads to an instant productivity drop. So, from now on, follow these tips instead:

  • Do not eat over the keyboard. Ideally, take a proper break, even if it Is only for 15 minutes but eat away from the screen and keyboard. Move around and have a change of scenery.
  • Give your desk a quick clean and tidy at the end of the day. Clear the desktop and put away your project work. Dust the cleared-off desk and Clean the Screens if needed.
  • Write a sticky note of anything urgent that you need to remember first thing in the morning, like a meeting or check-in with a co-worker. Or better still, use that whiteboard or app. 
  • Run any computer updates needed overnight. Set your computer to reboot automatically, so you don’t have to wait on an update and reboot in the morning.
  • Empty the trash can.

Start an Office Cleanup Trend. 

If you are an office manager or company owner, you can implement a clean desk policy.  Not only does this encourage office productivity and tidiness, but it’s also safer from a privacy standpoint. There could be paperwork with client information or project details on it. It is always best to have this tucked out of sight when the desk is unattended.

Kick the year off right by having a clean and tidy workspace, and call us here at Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning if those office carpets need a professional steam cleaning too.

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