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Patio Furniture Cleaning Tips

Last Updated: April 8, 2024

Written by Karen Norman

Patio Furniture Cleaning for full outdoor enjoyment.

When Summer’s rays are near, it’s time to clean the patio gear. With furniture so spick and span you can lounge around and get a tan.

The Summer Season is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors on your patio – or is it? A dirty patio and grimy patio furniture can have you looking out the window longingly instead of tanning on the lounger and eating dinner al fresco. So, don’t delay! These outdoor patio furniture cleaning tips will have you enjoying the patio in no time at all!

We suggest making patio furniture cleaning part of your outdoor cleaning routine. Your exterior living area deserves just as much attention as the interior because it is part of your home. Why not be able to enjoy every square inch of your property?

Too often, patio furniture cleaning gets overlooked, but that leads to not using and enjoying the patio! With a few expert tips and some elbow grease, a couple hours of investment can have you enjoying that extra outdoor space all summer long.

Clean the Patio First.  

Let’s begin by clarifying the confusion between a Patio and a Deck. Historically the word patio comes from the Spanish word for courtyard. Patios are concrete or paved structures set flush with the ground, usually at the side or back of the home. Decks are made of boards (often wooden) and tend to be raised. Check out our separate blog on how to clean a deck.

Gather your supplies:

  • A Pressure washer is ideal for a very dirty patio, or a hose is better for a patio that just needs a rinse.
  • A cleaning solution safe for concrete, plants and animals
  • A stiff brush for stubborn stains like BBQ grease
  • A broom
  • Clippers to trim plants if necessary
  • Outdoor garbage bags

Clear the area

  • Discard any broken, unused or unwanted patio furniture items
  • Put the rest on the concrete pad out front or on a tarp in the back yard (for cleaning)
  • Disconnect and move the BBQ
  • Remove any toys, garbage and debris

Clean the Patio

  • Whippersnip the grass line around the patio
  • Trim decorative plants, if necessary
  • Scrub stains with the stiff brush
  • Sweep the patio
  • Wash down the patio using the hose, or pressure wash the patio. 

Now, the area is clean and ready to have the furniture put back on it. But next, you need to tackle the patio furniture cleaning.

Evaluate your Patio’s Functionality. 

Make an assessment of your Patio. 

  • Less is more. Discard furniture that you won’t use. If the kids have outgrown their mini picnic table, for example, donate or sell it.
  • Are your decorative plants doing their job? Could they be more helpful? Flowers are nice but some herbs repel mosquitoes and other bugs. Also, herbs elevate your cooking. Try including some in pots on your patio or planting the herbs amongst the flowers in existing planters.
  • Think about the intended purpose of the patio. Do you want it to be a plant-filled private oasis? A place to socialize with friends? A place to mediate and do yoga? Or a family fun space for games and hangouts? This will determine what you put back, whether you need to pick up some extra items, and how the furniture will be arranged.

Patio Furniture Cleaning. 

Gather your supplies

  • Soft brushes
  • A hose
  • Cleaning solution (if cleaning on a lawn or trap, make sure the cleaner is lawn safe)
  • Paper towels or soft cloths
  • Wood polish
  • Glass cleaning spray

Start cleaning

  • Plastic items can be sprayed or wiped down.
  • Wicker items need a gentle touch. Use a bucket of diluted cleaner and a soft cloth. A hard spray or scrub could break the wicker.
  • Rattan also needs a soft touch. Dust then use a damp – not soaked – cloth to clean.
  • Wood gets dusted, wiped, then polished
  • Metal rusts when wet so treat small rust stains and dry the metal components quickly after a wipe down or wash.
  • Glass tops need to be dusted to first remove grime. Then use the glass cleaner. You may need a few passes if there are some stubborn bugs that died on there, or if a bird took advantage when flying overhead.
  • Fabric cushions should not be stored outside in the winter; the cold and wet can create mold. Replace fabric cushions if they were not in a shed or container. Otherwise, run them through the wash. Tossing tennis balls into the dryer will fluff up the cushions.
  • Vinyl cushions get a soapy wipe down, then a dry off.

Clean the BBQ. 

There are several natural and commercial cleaners you can use to clean the BBQ. No matter if you use a store bought cleaner or a vinegar solution, ensure all the residue is cleaned off before you fire up the grill for your next feast.

  • Decide if you will clean the grate hot or cold. Hot is an easier clean as the grime is loose, but this is a huge burn risk. You will also need to use a scraper, not a cloth. A cold clean is much safer but requires more scrubbing. You may need to soak the grate to loosen the grime.
  • After tackling the grate, use your solution of choice to wipe down the interior and exterior of the BBQ. Disposable paper towel or shop towels are preferred as the grease will damage cloth.
  • Check the hose and connections. Replace and repair as needed.
  • Empty the grease catcher and replace it.

Reassemble and Maintain a Clean Patio.   

Now the patio is clean. The furniture is clean. You have a vision on how to enjoy your patio all summer long. Reassemble the patio and enjoy! Spot clean weekly by wiping down the furniture and sweeping the patio. These quick maintenance touch ups make your patio ready for action at any time.

Enjoy your Patio. 

  • As summer winds down and fall sets in, consider patio heaters. This will allow you to enjoy the space longer. They are not difficult to clean or maintain. Never introduce water or cleaning solution into the heater. Dust or, better yet, clean with compressed air while the unit is off.
  • Host a tea party. This is a lovely way for people wear their summer best and have an elegant backyard gathering.
  • Make-your-own pizza party! Pizza on the grill is delicious. Make it easy by having pre-made small shells and a variety of toppings. Everyone chooses what they want and gets their own personal pizza.
  • Make it Your Retreat. Have a roll-up exercise mat and some exercise bands so you can indulge in wellness outdoors. Or turn the patio into your own personal reading nook. Set it up to work from home. Start a vertical garden or grow veggies in planters. Structure it as a place that gives back to you in the form of beauty and relaxation.

A Dang Good Patio for Spring, Summer and Fall.    

Relax on a clean and serene patio all summer long – but don’t let the dirty outdoor windows or siding on the house distract you. Call us to come and clean the windows. We have the equipment and streak-free solutions to keep external windows and the outside of the home clean all summer long. Why not have the carpets, furnace and ducts cleaned while we are on site? A clean abode, inside and out, is a home that “sparks joy.” Explore our website to learn more.

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