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Dang Good is a HomeStars Verified Business

Last Updated: August 13, 2020

Written on March 6, 2018 by Karen Norman
Dang Good is a Verified HomeStars Business

A Verified HomeStars Business

“Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning is a Verified HomeStars Business"

Read below to find out why that is important to us…

Introduction to HomeStars

HomeStars is a Canadian Company. Founded in 2006 by Nancy Petersen. In 2017 it became a subsidiary of ANGI Homeservices. ANGI Homeservices includes Angie's List, and HomeAdvisor. HomeStars is an online marketplace. It connects homeowners to reputable Home Improvement Service Providers. It offers a way to research trusted businesses. Plus, it gives customers the opportunity to compare quotes before making a decision to hire.

Why being a Verified HomeStars Business is important to us. 

You will see the Verified Emblem when you do a search for us on HomeStars. We are proud to be part of the verified network of HomeStars Pros. Take a look at our entry… Dang Good Carpet & Furnace Cleaning on HomeStars

Verification gives customers added peace of mind. It means that all the Legal and Professional Documentation is in order. It includes Background Checks and Licensing.

The 4 HomeStars Star Scores

Each Pro is given a Star Score. This is a score out of 100. A percentage, based on the following four objectives.

  1. Average Rating – is measured out of a score of 10.
  2. Recency – based on when the last review was received.
  3. Reputation – which speaks for itself.
  4. Responsiveness – focuses how quickly a business responds to requests and reviews.

The HomeStars Blog

In July 2019, HomeStars wrote the following two Blog Posts to help navigate their processes.

In addition, in the same year, HomeStars wrote their first Reno Report. In it, they sited Alberta as the province with the highest spend in Home Improvement Renovations. Read their Blog to find out why.

Getting Quotes with HomeStars

Did you know, HomeStars has a ‘matching feature,’ which helps homeowners get quotes? By clicking ‘Get a Quote’ they will match you with their top picks for your area. One of their ratings for a Pro (see above), is responsiveness. Subsequently, it is important for professionals to respond to customer's requests for quotes, as soon as possible. Ultimately it helps ensure timely contact.

We wanted to share a couple of our favorite HomeStars Reviews with you.

1. Furnace, Air Duct Fireplace Cleaning 10/10

My husband contacted Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning a cleaning a couple of weeks ago, to complete furnace, air duct and fireplace cleaning. That same evening Karen reached out right away, so he was automatically impressed with the responsiveness.

Ken and Jasko came out this morning and completed all the tasks within 1.5 hours. They were very pleasant and accommodating as it was our first time doing this. So we appreciated that they could navigate around the house to get everything done. They were very approachable, professional and informative too. I think we were most excited by the results of the fireplace though. We have literally NEVER seen the glass as clear as it turned out. And they were able to get rid of all the fog. We’ll engage them again on the same work a couple of years from now. Thanks all!

Alisha in Calgary.

2. Dang Good? How about Super Awesome Sauce??? 10/10

Was looking for a company to clean carpets in our new house which were in pretty OK shape. Mark was fabulous, called us right away to offer a quote. Booked us in right away and explained everything they were going to do. Chazz called us the day of the appt. Way in advance of our appt he let us know the client before us was about half an hour behind which may affect us. Then Mark called to confirm. Chazz showed up right on time and did a RockStar job!

    • Communication was FABULOUS!
    • Work was GREAT!
    • Price was AWESOME!!!

We’ll be back!

Jenn in Calgary


It goes without saying, that Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning is very competitive. We pride ourselves on a high rating and good reviews with HomeStars. We even won a HomeStars “Best of' Award in 2019 and 2020 and the Best of the Best of HomeStars which we wrote about in a separate blog. It is called “HomeStars Best of – Award Winner" We are very proud of our achievements.

Finally, if you hire us, as a Verified HomeStars Business, we believe you will be employing a reliable, credible, trustworthy business.

Check out our Reviews Page to see our all latest HomeStars Reviews as well as Reviews from other Organizations.

Please feel free to share our Dang Good Blog Post about being a Verified HomeStars Business

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