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A Kids Room Clean Up

Last Updated: April 8, 2024

Written by Karen Norman

A Kids Room Clean Up makes Good Sense. 

Create a Great Space for Play and Homework. 

Do you look fondly upon your child’s room with its colourful motifs and organized toy shelves? Or do you, like so many parents, simply shudder at the toy, book, or clothing explosion on the floor and shut the door? We empathize! Sometimes children make mess faster than we can clean it up and this is especially true for their rooms. So, let’s tackle this problem once and for all. Get ready for a Dang Good Kids Room Clean Up!

A Child’s Room Clear Out. 

Decluttering is the first step In the Kids Room Clean Up. Let’s start with things that should be done regularly regardless:

  1. Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Ensure your child’s room has a hamper. 
  2. Make the Bed – It can make such a difference to the look of the room. 
  3. Put the garbage in the trash can – make sure each room has a place for garbage. 
  4. Gather up toys and games from the floor. 
  5. Hang up or fold away clean clothes. 

Next, remove outdated items. Each year, as your child grows physically and mentally, many items will become redundant.

  • Get some boxes for items to be moved out of the bedroom and kept elsewhere. You will need a box for charity and another for items being thrown out. 
  • Sometimes your child will have a toy or piece of clothing that they are attached to even though they have essentially outgrown it. Rather than throw it away, store it out of the room until it has been forgotten about.
  • Temporarily move out the items to be kept in the bedroom:
    • Toys
    • Books
    • Board games
    • Clothes
    • Shoes and boots. 

Having this system is good for the initial clean up but consider having bins in a closet or the basement where donation items are routinely stored. When the bin is full, head to the donation spot. This will help keep clutter out of every room, permanently.

A Kids Room Deep Clean. 

With everything cleared away, Dust, Wipe, Polish and Vacuum. From Ceilings to Floors, give everything a good clean.

A clean bedroom is better for mental health and for sleeping. We have more on that and on how to give the bedroom a comprehensive clean in our blog on bedroom cleaning hacks.

Even think about carpet cleaning. That floor may have gotten quite dirty.

Organizing the Child’s Room. 

Now the clutter has been cleared away and the room deep cleaned it’s time to put items back with some careful deliberation. Remember that a clean and organized space tends to stay that way. Make sure everything has a home. Get creative! Everything needs to be stored away.

  • Use an open bin system on shelves for clothing. This keeps piles off the floor and children can learn to sort their own clothes.
  • Use vertical space to make more room, items such as shelves and hooks on the walls. 
  • Over-the-door hooks for hanging clothes and over-the-door storage for toys or shoes.
  • Storage bins can slide under the bed.
  • A bedside table can contain a library of books and homework.
  • Add extra shelves in the closet if needed.
  • Get multifunctional furniture like a toy chest that doubles as seating, or a bed with drawers built-in.
  • Magnetic boards are great for stickers, chore charts or schedules.
  • Hang up as many clothes as possible so you have more draw space. Get some Hanger Connecting Hooks so that you can stack hangers and save yourself wardrobe space.

Kids Room Clean Up Hacks. 

  • Keep items used daily out of sight but accessible. Put seldom-used or future-use items in clear bins, or labelled bins. If your child is not yet at reading age, you can use pictures or photos as labels.
  • Ensure there is enough floor space for playtime.
  • Alcoves or odd-shaped spaces can hold storage baskets, a garbage can or books with cute bookends. Clutter can be covered with a curtain rail.
  • Check out this video: How to get a clean and organized kids’ bedroom by ClutterBug.

Getting the Children Involved. 

Things may stay cleaner and tidier if the children get involved in the kid’s room clean up. Make clean up a fun project with before and after photos of the room so they can visually see what they have achieved. 

In Good Housekeeping’s article called 9 Rules for Decluttering a Kids Room & Keeping it that Way, they suggest involving the children from the get-go. 

By asking the children first what they see in their rooms you can get a sense of what is most important to them amongst the clutter. 

We suggest four rules for children and their rooms:

  • Rule #1 – Make the bed every day.
  • Rule #2 – Have a Regular Clean-up Day
  • Rule #3 – Every item should have a home.
  • Rule #4 – Discourage eating in the bedrooms.

More Dang Good Cleaning Tips. 

Even small or shared children’s rooms can be clean, organized and set up for optimal sleep and playtime. For more tips about cleaning and organizing every room, check out all our Home and Cleaning Hacks.

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