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Coffee Pot Cleaning Hacks

Last Updated: April 16, 2024

Written by Karen Norman
A Coffee Pot Cleaning Hacks

Why Coffee Pot Cleaning is Essential. 

“Embrace Coffee Pot Cleaning, and it will return the flavour." 

For many, a Deliciously Fresh Cup of Coffee makes that early morning routine so much more pleasant. But what if your morning cuppa has been sub-par recently? Maybe the taste doesn’t quite match that scrumptious aroma! Then there is a good chance you need to do a coffee pot cleaning.

Introduction to Coffee Pot Cleaning.  

As a cleaning company, we wanted to introduce you to one of our favourite cleaning hacks. When we first wrote these coffee pot cleaning hacks, we were in dire need of it personally. Recently we were fortunate enough to buy a new dishwasher. It seems to clean our coffee pot fabulously. Nevertheless, not everyone wants a new dishwasher. Not everyone even has the option for one. Whilst we can put our Coffee Pot in the dishwasher; clearly, we cannot do the same with the Coffee Maker itself.

Coffee Makers likely rank as one of the most regularly used household, kitchen appliances. Unless of course, you are a family of non-coffee drinkers. If so, you probably won’t be reading this blog in any case.

Before we delve into coffee pot cleaning, let’s talk a little about what goes into making a great cup of coffee. Read on if, like us, you like to wake up to your favourite brew.

A little about Ground Coffee

Ground-roasted coffee beans are used in Coffee Makers. The taste will be impacted by where the coffee beans are grown and the conditions in which they are cultivated. The process by which the coffee beans are roasted will also significantly affect the taste. Ground Coffee descriptors range from Light to Medium to Dark. They refer to the level of Coffee Bean Roasting. The more the roasting the darker the colour.

  • Dark Roast – Usually has a more bitter flavour but is less acidic.
  • Medium Roast – is a Stronger Flavor and a favourite for many.
  • Light Roast  – Often Milder, it’s roasted for the least amount of time.

Making the Best Brew

According to the NCA (National Coffee Association, USA), there are a number of factors that go into making the perfect cup of coffee:

  1. The cleanliness of your Coffee Making Equipment.
  2. The Coffee used – see above.
  3. The Freshness of your Ground Coffee – i.e. keep your coffee grounds airtight.
  4. The Level of Grinding – if you choose to buy whole beans.
  5. The Water used. Preferably Filtered or Bottled.
  6. Water Temperature  – which should be between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit.
  7. The Filter – while some coffee makers can be used without a paper filter, a paper filter is often preferable. Just make sure it is the right size.
  8. The Brewing Time – is often determined by your Coffee Maker.
  9. And finally, the Ratio of Ground Coffee to Water. Preferences vary and are experimental. You’ll find recommendations according to the Coffee Making Machines, and the Coffee Grounds purchased. Please also see How to Make Pour-Over Coffee for a handy widget on quantities and timings for ‘pour-over coffee.’

Why Coffee Pot Cleaning and Coffee Maker Cleaning is wise. 

If simply making the best Cuppa (mentioned above) wasn’t enough to convince you that Coffee Pot Cleaning is important, below are some other considerations:

  • Mould or Yeast – Even if not visible, coffee makers can be a bit of a germ collector.
  • Flavour and taste – minerals and calcium build-up may hinder the taste.
  • Oil build-up – yes, some may be surprised to find that there is oil in ground coffee.
  • Extending the life of the coffee maker – it’s best to descale to keep the equipment in tip-top condition.
  • And simply because it looks better and looks cleaner on your kitchen worktop.
A Dirty Coffee Pot Cleaning Hack

Before and After Coffee Pot Cleaning

How to Clean the Pot – Some Coffee Pot Cleaning Hacks. 

See below for a separate list of cleaning options for the Coffee Maker itself.

The coffee pot in the picture above was ours. Yes, a little disgusting, isn’t it? But surprisingly, it didn’t take much effort to clean.

Before you start, make sure your coffeemaker has been off for a while and the pot has cooled. We don’t want you to burn yourself or crack the coffee pot glass.

Below are 5 Easy Tips:

  • Baking Soda – (Bicarbonate of Soda) – Add a Cup of Baking Soda to your Coffee Pot, then fill it with warm water. Let it sit for a couple of hours. Any stubborn stains will come off using a soft brush. When we tried this on our Coffee Pot, it cleaned up as good as new, as the picture shows.
  • White Vinegar – Fill the coffee pot with equal parts vinegar and water. Let it sit for a while, at least twenty minutes. Then, empty the solution. Take a soft sponge – something you would suitably use on a non-stick pan and add some dish soap. Rub the inside of the pot, and the stains should easily come off. Rinse well.
  • Dishwasher Detergent – the powdered kind – We do not suggest running it through the coffee maker. Instead, use it in the Coffee Pot. Add a 1/4 cup of dishwasher powder to the pot, then fill with boiling water. Let it sit for half an hour and then empty. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Denture Tabs – What is good for teeth is surely good enough for a coffee pot. Fill the pot with water and dissolve 1 to 2 denture tabs. Let it sit for about an hour before rinsing thoroughly.
  • Alka-Seltzer – add 1 or 2 Tablets of Alka-Seltzer instead of the Denture Tabs above.

Options for Coffee Maker Cleaning. 

  • Vinegar – Vinegar is good for descaling and is essential, especially in areas with hard water, which creates more calcium build-up.
    • You will need Water and White Vinegar.
    • Make sure the coffee maker is completely empty.
    • Fill the glass pot with half water and half white vinegar.
    • Pour the mixture into the water reservoir.
    • Run the machine until half of the vinegar mixture has been used.
    • Turn off the machine and let it sit for an hour.
    • After an hour, turn the machine back on and let it finish the cycle.
    • Empty the vinegar solution and rinse the pot.
    • Run the machine twice more with just water. Cool slightly between brews to eliminate any remaining vinegar smell.
  • Denture Tabs – Denture tabs are an advantage over vinegar because they are scent-free and designed to remove stains.
    • Fill the reservoir with water and add two denture tabs. Allow them to dissolve completely.
    • Turn on the machine and run it through one complete brewing cycle.
    • Turn off the machine.
    • Empty the pot, add water (only) to the reservoir and rerun the brew cycle once it is cool.
    • Then, repeat the last step once more.
  • Alka-Seltzer – Instead of Denture Tabs, four Alka-Seltzer tablets can be used.
  • Baking Soda – Add 1/4 of a cup of baking soda to a pot of warm water. This method can be used instead of the above, but more water (only) brewing cycles may be required to ensure the equipment is thoroughly rinsed.
  • Lemon Juice – Another option is to use 1/2 water and 1/2 concentrated lemon juice.

Cleaning the Coffee Filter Basket. 

  • Vinegar – Fill a bowl (big enough to submerge the basket) with equal parts water and white vinegar. Sit the basket in the mixture for half an hour, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Denture Tabs or Alka-Seltzer – Dissolve one to two tablets in a bowl of warm water. Immerse the basket in it for half an hour. Then rinse thoroughly.

Look after your Coffee Pot and Coffee Maker from now on. 

Give your equipment some TLC, and it should last a long time.
It is best to empty the coffee grounds when finished to reduce the likelihood of mould build-up.
Then empty the cold-brewed coffee and rinse the pot.
We recommend cleaning your coffeemaker or coffee pot once a month. Regular Coffee Pot Cleaning will help ensure consistency in the taste of your coffee.

Some Coffee Facts


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Some helpful information on coffee can also be found at the Coffee Association of Canada.

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