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“A Dang Good Clean for a Dang Good Price!”
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Furnace and Duct Cleaning for Airdrie and Calgary

Furnace & Duct Cleaning For Airdrie & Calgary

Our Dang Good Furnace and Duct Cleaning Service

Our Professional Furnace and Duct Cleaning Service includes a comprehensive cleaning of the Furnace, the Heat Exchangers, the Motor, the Blower Fan and the Main Duct Runs.

A fully trained two-man crew carries out each service. Each crew member is trained to meet our ‘Dang Good’ High Standards of Professionalism, Cleanliness and Customer Service. Our lower than average prices are not reflected in the quality of the cleaning which is as good as it gets.

You always get “A Dang Good Clean for a Dang Good Price!"

There are no extra charges for High or Mid-Efficiency Furnaces and a free standard filter replacement is also included. Check out our Blog to see why replacing the furnace filter is so important.

Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning Specials


*Our Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning Special is $99.99

plus a Waste Disposal Fee (WDF) plus GST. 

This Deal is for a Standard Clean of One Complete Residential Furnace and Up to 10 Vents. Extra Vents are $8.00 each (all vents need to be cleaned). Free Standard Filter Replacement included.


*For an Additional $69.99 plus GST we will Sanitize the Air Duct System.

We spray the whole system with a Product called Benefect (a botanical antimicrobial disinfectant cleaner) using a Thermal Fogger.

The process is Safe, Healthy and Environmentally Friendly.

Why have your Furnace and Air Ducts Cleaned?

A regular scheduled HVAC cleaning helps keep the Furnace running safely and efficiently, giving you peace of mind that you are doing all you can to avoid a breakdown. It helps lower fuel bills which will ultimately save you money especially at such Dang Good Prices.

It is recommended to have the Furnace and Vents cleaned every two years. Over time, dust and grime build up in the Furnace and Duct-Work putting a strain on the smooth running of the furnace and adding extra, unnecessary dust particles into the home. A Regular Professional Furnace Cleaning helps keep your Furnace performing as it should.

♦Looking after your furnace is important!

♦The last thing you need is a break down during the harsh Alberta Winter months!

Duct Cleaning is especially important for those suffering from allergies as it improves indoor air quality. Don’t cough and sneeze needlessly when for so little cost (with Dang Good Prices), the excess dust in the home can be removed! And an added-bonus will be less dusting needed too. Isn’t it bad enough that Albertan’s are often cooped up for days because of our sub-zero winter temperatures? Let us at least help make your indoor air quality better, fresher and cleaner!

Allergens from Pet hair and  are not good for those suffering from Asthma or other Respiratory Illnesses. A Regular Duct Cleaning may help eliminate those contaminated airborne particles!


Our Teams are often surprised by what finds its way into the Duct System! In addition to seeing a build up of general debris and pet hair, we have seen pet toys, children’s toys, underwear, and photographs! How and why these items get into the vents is a little puzzling for sure but all of them provide a potential fire hazard risk.

What’s the best way to have your furnace cleaned?

We use the Push-Pull Negative Air Pressure Method For Our Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning, as recommended by QUADCA (Qualified Air Duct Cleaners Affiliation). Dang Good is a member of QUADCA

For our furnace and air duct cleaning service, the air is compressed at 250 PSI. The Negative Air Pressure creates a powerful pull to suck out all the dust and debris.

Our air duct and furnace cleaning technicians will start the cleaning process with the air duct vents furthest away from the furnace and gradually work their way towards the furnace. As dust and debris are pulled from vents by the negative air pressure, other tools are used to push and agitate the dirt and grime simultaneously.

The dirt will be forced into the main trunk line of the Duct System. It is then sucked into the large powerful vacuum which is attached to the furnace by the Cleaning Technician at the beginning of the furnace and air duct cleaning process and subsequently removed from the home.


When should you book a Furnace and Duct Cleaning?

In addition to having a regular cleaning every two years, as mentioned above, there are other times when cleaning may be prudent.

  • Moving? – Are you about to move into your new home? Whether it be a brand-new home where contractors have been on site or simply a new home to you, that has had existing residents, why not make Furnace and Duct Cleaning and Sanitization a priority and ensure that your home is truly clean for your new life transition.
  • Renovating? – Have you recently had renovations done? Drywall and dust particles can accumulate in the Duct System especially if you forgot to cover up all those vents while the work was being carried out.
  • Living with Pets – Do you have pets with medium to long hair? You would be surprised at the accumulation of pet hair we can find whilst cleaning Heating and Cooling Systems. Just take a look at some of the pictures on this page if you need convincing.
  • Living with Allergies? – In addition, pet dander, (although not visible), can be a nightmare for those with allergies. For those with the unfortunate combination of having pets and allergies we would highly recommend that the duct-work be sanitized once its been cleaned to remove any lingering bacteria.
  • Living with Mice! – Finally we have cleaned some homes where dead mice and mice droppings have been evident in the HVAC System. What better reason to get a Furnace and Duct Cleaning than for hygiene and health?

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Cleaning the lint filter alone is not sufficient to avoid the risk of fire in your dryer vent. Over time, dust and lint builds up. Clogged Vents can also detrimentally affect the performance of the dryer. Why not take advantage of our Add-on feature when booking our Furnace Cleaning service? The cost of dryer vent cleaning is $39.99 for main floor or basement dryer vents.

The confidence of a Dang Good Furnace and Duct Cleaning!

Skeptical about our Prices? Leery about what you are paying for? That is understandable. With such low prices, you would not be the first to think that way but check out our reviews on line and we are confident you will change your mind. We have had customers say that they were suspicious, but they took the chance after seeing our reviews and not only did they not regret it they ended up giving us a 5 Star Google Review of their own to emphasize the point. With Dang Good you are not taking a chance at all because we live up to our name.

On the contrary, booking with Dang Good is a wise and economically sound decision. The risk is in not booking with us!

Air Duct Cleaning Airdrie

Our Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning Trucks use Modern Super Powerful ‘Truck-mounted’ Vacuum Equipment.