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Written on August 15, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
Oven Cleaning with Household Products

Oven Cleaning Hack

  1. Mix about a cup of baking soda with a few spoonfuls of water to form a paste.
  2. Remove racks from oven.
  3. Spread paste over oven walls, the oven door and bottom of the oven, avoiding the heating elements. Leave for a few hours – ideally overnight.
  4. Use a damp cloth to wipe out the now dried mixture and gently use a plastic scraper for any difficult areas.
  5. Once done add some vinegar to a spray bottle and apply to any remaining baking soda, again avoiding the heating elements. The baking soda will react with the vinegar and foam.
  6. Wipe away the foam and repeat until all the residue is gone and you have a sparkling shine.

Clean Oven Racks

A similar process can be applied as mentioned above to the oven racks by placing them on baking foil on a work service. Both sides of the racks may need doing.

Clean Inside Glass on Oven Door

  1. Remove drawer at bottom of oven door that stores your baking trays etc.
  2. Attach some glass cleaner wipes to some coat hanger wire
  3. Slide the wire into the slats at the bottom of the oven door – accessible from the space where you moved out the oven drawer. This may need doing a few times to get clean.

Written on July 9, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
Microwave Cleaning Hack

Microwave Cleaning with Natural Products

Do you find Microwave Cleaning frustrating? Are there food remnants stubbornly sticking to the sides of your microwave? Do you find it takes a few sprays of disinfectant and a bit of elbow grease to get it clean. We have an easy trick to make life easier. 

The Lemon Trick

  • Halve or quarter some lemons and add to a bowl of tap water.
  • Place in the Microwave for 10 minutes.

The grained on dirt should then come loose. The added bonus is a nice smell in the kitchen too.
Credit goes to
https://naturehacks.com/clean-your-microwave-naturally/ for this tip.

Written on June 14, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
Deck Cleaning Hack

A Deck Cleaning Solution…

Ever tried washing down your deck only to find it still looks rather grubby? You can use natural household products to get rid of that grime. Vinegar and Baking Soda have so many great cleaning uses. And combining the two can be powerful. What better way to clean the deck than with natural products?

Deck Cleaning Process

The following method should give your deck a sparkle:

1. Remove lose dirt with a broom.

2. Spray the deck with just water first to further loosen things up.

3. Mix a gallon of water and add one to two cups of white vinegar in a bucket. Or one cup of vinegar and 1/2 cup of baking soda instead.

4. Dip a broom in the bucket and scrub the deck along the grain of the wood. You may want to start with a small corner first.

5. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes.

6. Rinse well.

7. Allow deck to dry.

Another suggestion is to pour vinegar over the deck and let it sit and dry in the sun and then rinse with water.

Did you know?

Vinegar not only cleans but will also help eliminate any mold and mildew buildup, and it keeps ants away too. It is also a powerful degreaser.

Just be careful if you have plants growing in any soil nearby as the vinegar may make the soil acidic and only some plants thrive well in acidic soil.

Baking Soda is also a natural cleaner for those burnt-on areas of the BBQ too.

Written on April 7, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
National Beer Day Celebration

National Beer Day is celebrated on different days in different countries. In the U.S. it falls yearly on April 7th to acknowledge the day in 1933 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act. The Act signified the start of the move towards the end of Prohibition and the legal manufacturing and selling of beer.

There are many types of beer on the market today: Bitter, Brown Ale, Lager, Pale Ale, Pilsner, Stout, Wheat Beer and even a wide range of great tasting non-alcoholic beers.

Did you know….

  • Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass.
  • Japanese Sake often thought of as a wine is actually a form of beer.
  • Beer is made up of 90% water.
  • You can chill a bottle or can of beer in two minutes in a bowl of ice and salt.
  • Beer can be used as a cleaning product – below are a few cleaning hacks.

Clean Cast Iron Pots and Pans with Beer

Cover the bottom of the pot or pan while it is still warm. Wait 5-10 minutes. This prevents any left over food particles from sticking.

Polish Brass and Copper Pots

Clean the tarnish and fingerprints on copper pots with beer and a clean cloth. Rub the beer on the copper surface. The acid in beer with remove the tarnish and dirt.

Clean Gold Jewelry with Beer

Pour either light or medium beer (not dark) over the gold jewelry, rinse, then shine with a clean cloth. The carbonic acid in beer will react with the oil and dirt on your jewelry to dissolve it. Or better still place your jewelry in bowl of beer and soak it for 10 minutes or so. Then rinse and wipe.

Use Flat Beer to Polish Wooden Furniture

Use a soft cloth soaked in flat beer to wipe the surface, then polish with a clean dry cloth. The beer will loosen dirt; the malt adds a rich colour to the wooden hue and the alcohol brings out the shine. Test a small hidden area first just to be safe.

Use Beer to remove Rust Spots or to help Loosen Rusty Bolts

Cover the rust spots in a beer saturated cloth for about an hour. The carbonic acid will help dissolve the rust.

If you get beer stains on your Carpets why not give us a call: 403-984-3680. Our Deal Prices are so good why run the risk of cleaning your Carpets yourself when for so little cost you can get the whole house done.

Written on March 14, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
Four Carpet Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Hacks for Your Carpet

Spring is right around the corner, bringing with it warmer weather, longer days and the perfect opportunity to give your house a good spring cleaning.

It goes without saying that this will probably involve a thorough scrub down of your kitchen and bathroom, but remember to pay special attention to your carpets, too. Taking a proactive approach to carpet maintenance can help keep them looking beautiful for years to come while improving the overall hygiene of your home.

Dang Good is seen as one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in Calgary, we’re well versed in what it takes to keep carpets in pristine condition. Here are four of our favorite carpet cleaning hacks:

1. Use Baking Soda to Remove Stains

Baking soda is renowned for being able to clean a variety of surfaces and carpet is no exception. While it isn’t quite as powerful at removing stains as steam cleaning in Airdrie, baking soda is reasonably effective at combating blemishes and discolorations. Simply sprinkle some baking soda over the stained area, mist it with some hot water and allow it to sit damp overnight. In the morning, vacuum the baking soda up and the stain should be gone!

2. Pick Up Pet Hair With a Squeegee

We couldn’t live without our pets, but there’s no denying that our four-legged friends are not great for our carpets. If your vacuum cleaner struggles to pick up the pet hair lodged in your carpet, it might be time to try a completely different type of cleaning tool: a squeegee. Give the squeegee a good rinse to remove any existing grime, run it along the carpet and watch as it effortlessly pulls the hair from the carpet.

3. Embrace the Lint Roller

It’s no secret that lint rollers are great for removing loose fibres from your clothes, but you may not be aware that they can also be used to cleanse your carpet to a level that most commercial vacuum cleaners can’t compete with. Do keep in mind that it takes a fair bit of time and effort to lint roll your carpet (particularly if it’s a big area), so in some cases it may be easier to opt for professional carpet cleaning in Calgary.

4. Fluff Your Carpet With Ice

If your furniture has been resting on the same spot for a while, the carpet has probably developed unsightly dents. The good news is that this is reversible. Place an ice cube in the dent, allow it to completely melt and then use a soft towel to gently blot up the water. Place the towel over the dent and run an iron across the towel until the carpet is nearly dry. Finally, let the carpet air dry and manually fluff up the fibres using your hands.

DIY methods are a great way to keep your carpets healthy, but for best results, you should call in the experts.

For more information call Dang Good today and find out why we’re the leading provider of carpet cleaning services in Airdrie and Calgary

Written on March 9, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
Clean A Crock Pot Naturally

How to Clean a Crock Pot

You will need Water, Distilled White Vinegar and Baking Soda.

  1. Fill Slow Cooker with Tap Water to cover the grime.
  2. Then add one cup of distilled white vinegar for a 6 Quart Crock pot.
  3. Slowly add some Baking Soda (a spoonful at a time). Let bubbles die down before each spoonful. A cupful in total should do the trick.
  4. Turn on crock pot to low setting. Cover and set for about 4 hours.
  5. Let Crock Pot cool before touching and then empty out the concoction and wash in the sink with soapy water. Stubborn grime should now come off nicely.
  6. Rinse and let it dry.

Credit goes to https://lifeshouldcostless.com/2012/12/lifechanging-healthy-way-to-clean-that.html for this tip.

Written on March 8, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
Parsley Lemon Kitchen Freshener Hack

A Kitchen Freshener Hack

Slice up some lemons and add to a pot with some parsley leaves and tap water. Simmer on the stove until the cooking smells leave your kitchen. 20 to 45 minutes.

Credit goes to https://www.onecrazyhouse.com/parsley-lemon-diy-air-freshener-get-rid-kitchen-smells/ for this tip.

Are your Drains Causing a Stench?

Mix a cup of Sea Salt and a cup of Baking Soda together and pour down your kitchen sink drain. Allow it to fizz. Then rinse everything away with a Kettle of Boiling hot Water.

Baking Soda in the Fridge

Yes it is that simple. Place a cup of Baking Soda at the back of the fridge to help with fridge odours.

Written on March 6, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
Dishwasher Cleaning Hack with Lemons

Simple Dishwasher Cleaning Solution

You would think that if Dishwashers clean dishes then surely they would essentially clean themselves. Unfortunately that is often not the case. Unfortunately Grime and Scale build up which can affect the efficiency of your Dishwasher. There is a cheap solution however.

When you have a recipe that calls for lemon juice, don’t throw away that lemon peel. Instead, add it to the dishwasher with those dirty dishes. The citric acid in the fruit naturally cleans the dishwasher, helping to dissolve scum and built up soap residue. It will also help disinfect and will leave a fresh clean scent. You could put the lemon on the top shelve or the cutlery compartment as long as it is away for the heating element.

Written on March 4, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
How to Naturally Clean a Coffee Grinder

When obviously, you can’t put an Electric Coffee Grinder in the Dishwasher and it’s risky to clean those sharp blades by hand, grind up some uncooked rice. It will help with lingering smells.

Then clean it by grinding 15ml of Baking Soda. Follow that with a good but careful wipe. You should end up with a Coffee Grinder looking as good as the day you bought it.

Some other uses for your Grinder besides Coffee

  • Breadcrumbs – Make breadcrumbs by adding some slices of bread
  • Powered Sugar – Grind up Granulated Sugar to make Icing Sugar
  • Flaxseed – Buy and Store Flaxseed whole and then grind them as needed
  • Homemade Flour – Grind Almonds for Almond Flour or use other nuts for a variety of healthy flour options
  • Herbs – Dry out those herbs from the garden and then grind them for use in various recipes
  • Paper Confetti – Add some small sheets of colored paper and be ready for the next wedding invite.

Written on February 5, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
A Coffee Pot Cleaning Hack

Coffee Pot Cleaning – A Simple Cleaning Hack

Need some advice about Coffee Pot Cleaning? The coffee pot in the picture was ours. Yes a little disgusting isn’t? But surprising it didn’t take much effort to clean.

Just add a Cup of Baking Soda to your Coffee Pot then fill with warm water. Let it sit for a couple of hours. Any stubborn stains will come off with a soft brush. We tried this on our Coffee Pot and it cleaned up as good as new as the picture shows.

Coffee Maker Cleaning Hack

In addition to what you can visibly see, there may be a build up of mineral deposits and oil in your Coffee Maker which could start to affect enjoyment of your morning cuppa.

Run a pot of one-part white vinegar and two-parts water through the brewing cycle. Then follow that up with two full pots of water simultaneously run through the brewer. The two extra pots of water will act as a rinse on the vinegar that has been used.

We suggest you do this every couple of months or so.

In addition to these cleaning hacks, check out our Coffee Grinder Cleaning Hacks and our Other Cleaning Hacks


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