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New Year Cleaning Resolutions for a Dang Good Home

Last Updated: April 16, 2022

Written by Karen Norman

Helpful New Year Cleaning Goals. 

A Few Simple Steps will keep your Home more Organized.  

As the holiday season winds down, it is time to consider some New Year Cleaning Resolutions. A New Year is a good time to create new habits and one good habit to get into is to be deliberate with your cleaning plans. A great way to jumpstart the New Year is to clean and organize your home and set intentions on keeping the house tidy all year long.

Why a New Year Cleaning? 

Clutter and mess can affect your day negatively. A cluttered home means a stressful start to the day, from getting up and looking around at messy rooms to not finding what you need quickly in your closet or kitchen. Additionally, there are negative mental health impacts to living with clutter. The mess can bring about or worsen depression, stress, anxiety and prevent social interactions such as having friends visit. However, by taking the time to start a good cleaning routine in the new year, you can reap the benefits all year long.

Where to get started with your New Year Cleaning? 

After the holiday season, the home can feel a bit out of sorts. The tree or other decorations need to be put away, the leftovers in the fridge seem a bit dubious, and the laundry room is overflowing with bedding if you had family stay over. So start with the holiday cleanup.

Put away the Holiday Paraphanalia. 

Pack up the holiday decorations so that they are easy to access in December 2022.

Don’t, for example, leave the lights tangled in a heap.

Make a plan for any useable leftovers. Freeze some items if necessary.

Get caught up on the laundry. Don’t let it get out of hand! Enlist all the members of the family to help wash and fold.

Ensure there is a place for all your new gifts and Boxing Day shopping.

Plan for a Year of Cleaner, More Organized Living. 

Here are some easy steps to commit to now to make keeping things clean easier all year long.

Make your Bed Every Day. 

Commit to making your bed daily. It’s a small task that leads to a great sense of accomplishment and inspires you to keep making small but beneficial choices during the day. Those small choices add up quickly to more wholesome living in all aspects. It can also help you sleep better because it adds to a Better Sleep Environment. Spend some extra time cleaning your bedroom and closet. You need a safe and welcoming place to recharge daily. 

Embrace Minimalist Living. 

Spend a day or two decluttering. There is a psychological benefit to decluttering.

Remember this mantra: if it doesn’t have a dedicated place in the home, it doesn’t belong in your space. Think hard about the usefulness of the items in your home. Can they be repurposed? For example, instead of plastic totes full of your kid’s “artwork,” why not take digital photos and create an online album? Instead of hanging onto that old prom dress, why not use the fabric for a decorative cushion?

If the garage is so packed with stuff that you can’t park your car in it (a shame during our cold winters), plastic lids and containers rain down when you open the kitchen cupboard, or you shudder at the thought of the mess in the pantry, you need to reconsider how many items you need in your life. Less “stuff” means healthier, calmer, more efficient living.

Set Realistic New Year Goals. 

Make your goals manageable in your home and life. Instead of “never eating out again,” commit to five homemade dinners a week. Instead of aiming to lose three pounds every week, commit to taking a daily walk.

Instead of going for a whole house clean or even a whole room clean, make a list of things that get forgotten, like dusting baseboards or wiping walls and plan to do one of those neglected items each week. Perhaps it has been a while since you cleaned your Coffee Pot

Purge the Junk Drawer. 

If you have to have a junk drawer, be deliberate about it. Put a drawer organizer in there. Don’t let it be the last bastion of random items in the home. Instead, it should be for small items like pens, erasers, rubber bands and dice – not the home’s place to collect things you just can’t bear to part with.

Clean and Wipe as you go. 

Make dusting easier. Have microfiber cloths strategically placed in each room and wet cleaning wipes in the bathroom. That makes it easy to spend just a few minutes clearing away the grime each day.

Don’t let Things Pile Up. 

Tidy, Fold and Put Away as your go – Assess each room. Are you accumulating mess? Do blankets need folding? Do Magazines need to be kept or put in the magazine rack? Do you have a container for remotes? Do Dirty Dishes need to go to the kitchen? Remember – if you don’t have time to deal with a small pile now, you will have even less time to deal with a more enormous pile later.

Don’t let the Laundry Overwhelm You. 

Most machines will let you do a half load. Fold up clothes from the dryer right away and move them from the laundry room to the closet.

Replace Old with the New. 

As you get something new, is there something old you can donate or throw out? Generally, reassess the usefulness of your belongings. Fix or toss items. If it is broken, and you plan to fix it “someday,” then consider now to be that day. Toss, fix it or replace it – today.

Don’t let the Trash Pile Up. 

Avoid squeezing more in the garbage bin or stockpiling the recyclables. Instead, move them to their appropriate outdoor bins regularly. It will help with the kitchen smells too. Also, do not leave bags of trash outside your door.

If you have too much to fit in the weekly collection bin, find your nearest eco station or dump and tackle the garbage load. Then consider ways to reduce your waste, so you are not piling up bags that don’t fit in the bin or compost pile. One way to get more out of your grocery haul and reduce food waste is to freeze scraps for homemade stock.

Clean during the Breaks and Gaps in your Day. 

Are you waiting for a taxi or a friend to arrive? Are the commercials playing? Use the time to do a little cleaning. Make the most of surplus time.

Some Extra New Year Cleaning Hacks. 

Buzzfeed has a Blogpost on some Hacks to help make your Home Cleaner and More Organized. Some of our favourites are:

  • Attach empty gift wrap rolls to the end of your vacuum hose for a longer reach.
  • Cut a paper towel roll in half, then soak it in detergent to make cheap homemade wipes.
  • Place an oven liner across the bottom rack to minimize baked-on food, drips and spills.
  • Use a broom to clean the bathtub.

If you need some visual motivation take a look at this New Year Cleaning Motivation with a Decluttering Session Video.

A Dang Good New Year. 

Every year scores of Canadians make resolutions to have a healthier, happier life, and 73 percent will break those resolutions. The key is to make small, incremental changes that add up over time instead of making massive, sweeping lifestyle changes that are hard to start and maintain. Our tips above are small steps you can take throughout the year, and before you know it, your home and your life are cleaner and more organized. Follow our blog for more tips like cleaning your fridge and how to clean your window tracks.

Or if you live in and around Calgary, and funds permit, why not start the New Year off with a Professional Deep Cleaning Service that includes carpets, furnaces, ducts, dryer vent and windows. 

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