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Welcome to our Dang Good Blog

Written on February 4, 2018 by Karen At Dang Good
Welcome to our Dang Good Blog

A Dang Good Blog Begins – A Welcome Post

Welcome to our new Dang Good Blog. The name: “A Dang Good Blog” may be a little presumptuous but it’s meant to be lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek. Simply, it's in keeping with our business name. Obviously, we hope it will live up to its name too.

I am Karen Norman, Co-Owner of Dang Good Carpet and Furnace Cleaning. If you would like to know more about me and my role(s) in the Company, please see our About Page.

Types of Posts we will include

So here we will post about the following:

  • Dang Good News – We want to keep you up-to-date on our latest news. At the same time, we hope to shed some light on our philosophy, vision, and passion for our business. In addition, we will try to bring you some insights into the business of cleaning.
  • Cleaning Tips and Cleaning Hacks – We hope to provide you with some useful cleaning tips and tricks for your home and garden. Not just tips about Carpets, Upholstery, Furnaces, and Ducts but about all sorts of generally useful cleaning hacks that come to mind too. For example, we'll try to get into some stain removal tips. We will also take a look at area rugs, to name a couple of ideas.
  • Snippets of Information – This will include some fun and occasionally useful insights such as National Hug a Tree Day, as some call it or National Beer Day – a favorite for many. My favorite national day is National Wine Day which is held in May. At the time of writing, we don't have a post about that but expect to see one eventually.
  • and of course… all things pertaining to a Carpet Cleaning and a Furnace and Duct Cleaning Business. Not least of which, would include information about ways to eliminate dust and improve indoor air quality. 

As time goes on, our categories may change. For example, we have found there is a strong connection between pets, carpets, and stains. Naturally, Pets as a category is likely to get added very soon. We are hoping to make our blog both fun and informative and obviously Dang Good. We sure hope you will enjoy it. If you have suggestions, (polite ones please), let us know. If its congruent with what we are about, we will do our best to include the topic.

Did you know…

The word: “Blog" is short for the Word: “Weblog". It's an Online Journal of sorts. Journaling is a great way for us to keep you informed about the progress of our Carpet and Furnace Cleaning Business.


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